Thursday, 2 April 2015

My Weight Loss Journey - Thinking Slimmer Slimpod

You may have noticed that recently I have not been writing about my weight loss journey. This has been due to me slipping back to my old eating ways.

I stopped the Juice Plus plan simply because it goes against everything that I believe a good healthy diet should be. A healthy diet is eating healthy foods, not drinking shakes! It did give me the kick start that I needed but for the long term it is not for me.

The problem with diets is that you only follow them for so long before you go back to eating whatever you want whenever you want.

My weight has not increased a great deal but a few pound have gone on.

This has led me to a slimming program that really is completely different from any that I have ever seen! This is one that I hope will completely change how I view food, my health and lifestyle, for good!

I have always had a love/hate relationship with food. When I was a teenage I became anorexic. This is something which I have battled with ever since. I have also suffered with bouts of bulemia when I have binged and then felt guilty. I think this will always be an underlying issue that obsessing over diets and slimming fads doesn't help!

Since meeting my husband the food demons have been buried. My last bout of anorexia and bulemia was 5 years ago. But I know that they are still there and could pop up at any time.

At my highest weight I was 13 stone while my lowest was a mere 5.7 stone.

I also have problems with the way that I view my body. I always see myself as being bigger than I probably am. My poor husband has to hear "I look fat in this!" too many times.

I long to be able to look in the mirror and be happy with what I see, but this is not a weight issue. This is an acceptance issue. I need to accept my body and learn to love it a bit more.

This was why I decided to try the Thinking Slimmer slimpod. I hope that Thinking Slimmer will change the way I think about food which hopefully will inevitably change the way I see myself.

I am currently part of a focus group who are trialing some new materials from Thinking Slimmer. The Thinking Slimmer Slimpod is created to change the way that you see food. Change your relationship with food. Change your whole lifestyle. This is not done with fad diets but done by retuning your mind to a healthier mindset. You simply listen to the Slimpod, which is 10 minutes long, everyday. I have found that bed time is the best time to listen to it and have found that I often fall asleep listening to the calming voice.

I have been listening to the Slimpod for 9 days now and have noticed the following changes:
  • No longer snacking during the day
  • Feeling more thirsty thus drinking more water
  • Selecting more fish dishes over meat
  • Buying more vegetables at the shops
  • Portion sizes are smaller
  • Felt more energetic
So far I have not stepped on the scales. This eating plan is unlike any other, this one does not focus on the numbers, but will focus on how you feel and look. This will be a welcomed break as I have, in the past, become obsessed with the scales. But I am noticing changes in the way that I am eating. At the time I do not realise the changes it is only at the end of the day when I reflect on things that I have noticed, or when I have looked at the clock and realised that it is lunch time and I am not feeling hungry!

If these changes continue I should see a huge difference and I hope that I can tell you how Thinking Slimmer has wiped away the demons for good! I long for a future where slimming diets are no longer needed! I hope Thinking Slimmer can get me there.

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