Thursday, 2 April 2015

How Does Your Garden Grow - Week 13

At last there are true signs of spring and colour in the garden.

When I look out of the front window I can see blossom starting to bloom on trees. It is such a delight to have some colour return. Colour is the one thing that I miss seeing over the winter.

We now have a mass of yellow flowers from the forsythia and daffodils that are continuing to open up and buds are forming on the shrubs and fruit trees. Some of our plants seem to be behind others. I have seen pictures of magnolias and camellias flowering but ours are still tight in bud. However I know that soon they will be gracing us with their beauty and colour will be everywhere!

This is how our garden has grown this week...

As always I am sharing how our garden has grown with the lovely Annie from Mammasaurus.

How Does Your Garden Grow


  1. So good to see colours at long last isn't it? I went a bit stir crazy early February pining for colour and now it's everywhere. Ozzy calls forsythia 'daffodil trees' and I can see why :)
    Here's to more colour to come - and to a choccy filled Easter weekend - love to you and yours (and the Pups of Anarchy!)

  2. Lovely, lovely colour! Your forsythia is flowering tremendously. Ours is only just coming into flower. I cut it right back last year so it will be less impressive this year but I'm looking forward to seeing it in full bloom very soon x

  3. Your flowers are gorgeous. Our magnolia isn't in blossom yet either, I can hardly wait! #hdygg

  4. Love the forsythia. I didn't used to appreciate it, but, this year it has really grown on me, I love that it blooms before almost any other flower appears in spring.

  5. Fab photos, like you we're still waiting for the magnolia & camellia to do their thing - not long now!

  6. our red camellia has just started to open its buds - our neighbours has been flowering for months (seriously months - it was flowering at Christmas) - strange how plants do their own thing at their own time isn't it. Love your forsythia too xx


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