Friday, 20 March 2015

Word of the Week - 20th March 2015

This week my Word of the Week has to be...


This week has been challenging in many ways.

The twins have been challenging.

The puppies have been challenging.

My moods are challenging and we have had an awful bullying moment which has been challenging for us all.

This week the twins seem to have lost their hearing. Obviously not literally but it has certainly felt that way. However we have found that the trusty time out spot is starting to work and is slowly becoming a good deterrent. On the other hand we have had some lovely play times this week. I am even more aware that their start date for nursery is getting closer and closer so am trying to get the most out of these last few weeks.

Having two puppies is certainly a challenge. If I am honest it is more challenging than we expected. The majority of the time they play lovely together and snuggle up to sleep together during the day but there are times when they get over excited and their play turns rough. We have realised that we need some dog training help and will hopefully be getting someone to come and see us next week to spend a few hours with us telling us how to train the dogs.

My moods are challenging me at the moment. I am not too sure why this is happening. I am wondering if it is all connected to the impending changes that the twins going to nursery is going to bring. I know that they will be positive changes as the twins will be learning more and I will have some me time but it is still a change. I have found that I am having moments of anxiety again and moments when I over react about and over think situations. I am sure that it will pass soon but I do find it challenging.

This leads me to the bullying incident. Unfortunately Joseph received some awful racial bullying on Monday. This was the first time that he has had remarks about his colour. An older child, who really should know better, called him the worst, racist name that you can think of, yes my 10 year old was called the N word. We were all disgusted to hear that children still use this word to intimidate and as a form of bullying. To have Joseph come home and ask me what that word meant was heartbreaking. I have contemplated keeping quiet about the incident and not sharing on my blog to the world but then I realised that the more people keep quiet, the more people will think that everything is ok. The reason that I am speaking out about it is because I want people to know that racial bullying between children is still out there. I naively thought that these days children could see beyond colour and was disappointed to find out, first hand, that I was wrong. I long for a day when skin colour is not an issue. My job as a mum is to make Joseph feel proud of the person that he is and to feel confident in the skin that he is in. God knows I am so proud of him and I want for him to grow into a proud mixed race young man and anyone who is too narrow minded to see beyond that are not worth the time.

Wow what a week! That is why this week has been challenging!

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  1. Oh hunny, how horrible to have experienced bullying first-hand but it sounds like you've handled it really well. Bullying of any kind is hateful but somehow racial bullying from kids is just the worst sort. I'm sure Joseph will grown into a fine young man fully equipped to deal with whatever life throws at him x

  2. Sounds like a very challenging week, and it's no wonder that everything is also affecting your mood. I think you're so right to share about the bullying here, as I think people do think it's going away, but clearly not. It's disgusting that this is happening to children, and horrible that kids even know that word. I do hope Joseph's OK, and I'm sure with you as his mum, he will grow up into a proud mixed race young man x Thanks for sharing with #WotW and I do hope next week's a better one for you

  3. Sounds like you had a difficult time. Do hope Joseph's ok and being supported at school. How sad that these things are still said to hurt, I thought we'd moved on from that.

  4. Gosh, what a week you've had. Your post really stopped me in my tracks. I am shocked to think that young children know what this word is to call another it; that they have heard this word from a grown up in the first place is appalling.
    I'm the mother of two multi-racial children living in a predominantly white area (there is one other mixed race child at their school) and I hadn't thought about the issue of colour or race because it doesn't enter into our world at home, and nor should it. But clearly it enters into others. You're right, you shouldn't keep quiet about it. It needs to be stamped out.
    I'm sure in your loving environment Jo will grow up to be a happy, proud young man and not be defined by his colour.

  5. You are right to share, as it is the only way to increase understanding. Extremely difficult for you though, I get that. Sadly it is totally those other parents to blame. I'd be inclined to have a talk with the school and see what they can be teaching the children about differences? Think you'll be sorted with the puppies once you start training. Hopefully they are cheering you up occasionally too :) sending positive wishes your way! x

  6. Hugs! It sounds like a tough week!
    Well done you for speaking out about the bullying! I hope Joseph's ok now....

  7. I really dont know what to say to make things better. This is a real challenging week. I can feel the weight of the bullying issue in your post. You did the right thing in talking about it and hopefully you can find a solution on how to make things right. #wotw

  8. Oh dear, sounds like a very tough week, and how awful for your poor boy... it's disgusting that anyone thinks it's acceptable to use that word, or bully in any form.
    I hope you have had a relaxing weekend and that Joseph is ok.

  9. What a nasty experience. I'd be devastated if my child said something like that to someone. Did you talk to the school? I think this issue should be seriously addressed at school


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