Monday, 2 March 2015

Weekly Meal Plan - Week Commencing 2nd March 2015

This week it is National Pie week so naturally there will be a pie being served this week! I may even get a sweet one baked at some point.

Last weeks meal plan was a success. There was only one meal that was changed slightly, that was the spaghetti bolognese. As I had a lot of beef leftover from Sunday dinner I had enough meat for both Monday and Tuesday. Instead of spaghetti bolognese I made Leftover Roast Beef Pasta.

This week I am planning a full week of meals. This is what we will be enjoying this week...

Week Commencing 2nd March 2015

Buffalo Steak Pie

As it is National Pie Week to start the week we will be enjoying Buffalo Steak Pie. We have enjoyed buffalo burgers when we have been at food festivals so when I saw some diced buffalo steak I snapped it up. I will be slow cooking the meat before transforming it into a pie.

Cottage Pie

Not sure if this counts for National Pie Week but it is definitely a favourite meal of ours!

Buffalo Chicken and Rice

I was recently sent some sachet marinades to try and blog about so this week we will be giving the Buffalo Marinade a go! I will be serving it on a bed of rice.

Parmesan Topped Tuna Steaks

I will be grilling the tuna steaks and adding a topping of Parmesan and breadcrumbs. This will be served with potatoes and Mediterranean vegetables.

Pan Fried Cod and Wedges with Mushy Peas

You can't beat fish and chips on a Friday. This is my healthier version!

Pizza and Pasta

On Saturday I fancy an easy night and one that the kids will love. This week we will have a pizza and pasta night.

Roast Pork

This week I will be getting a piece of pork for Sunday roast. This will be served with vegetables, potatoes and apple sauce.

As always I am sharing with At Home With Mrs M - Meal Planning Monday

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  2. I didn't know it was national pie week! Feel gutted I haven't scheduled a pie! Enjoy your week ;)

  3. Ohhh I didn't know it was pie week either! Buffalo sounds interesting, not something i've tried before. Have a great week x

  4. Loving your meal plan, I've tried buffalo burgers but will be on the hunt for other goodies.

  5. Yum! Everything sounds fantastic! I really like the sound of the Tuna x

  6. I did not know it was pie week! Sad times. Love the sound of healthy fish and chips - might have to pinch that idea for next week. Have a good week

  7. Ooh buffalo - love the unusual addition to your meal plan!


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