Friday, 13 February 2015

Word of the Week - 13th February 2015

This weeks Word of the Week is...

Little Opie came home yesterday! Her arrival has been all we have thought about all week.

The day finally arrived and the twins and I went to collect her and brought her home. When we arrived home it was time to see what Dotty's reaction was going to be. To start with she kept fluffing up and was very wary and stayed out of the way. I am pleased that this morning she is a lot more herself.

Opie has seemed to settle in straight away and I will admit to being besotted by her, she is just adorable! She has been enjoying a lot of cuddles and fuss. When we put her in the cage for bed she just curled up and went to sleep. However 30 minutes later we could hear her crying and howling. She was gradually getting louder and louder so we both went down to check on her. She had a cuddle and we put her back but the crying and yelping started again. This time we were strong and left her to it and after 10 minutes she stopped and was quiet all night. It was a successful first night!

Opie really has fitted in with our family. It feels like we have got another baby in the house. I am feeding her every 4 hours during the day, chasing around trying to house train her and giving lots of cuddles! It is lovely!
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  1. Oh, so adorable! Glad it's all going so well and she's happily settling in :) Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. Yay - Opie's home and she gorgeous! So glad you had a successful first night and long may that continue. Good luck with the house training, I remember those puddles so well but luckily we missed out on these with Harry as he was 2 when we adopted him.

    Thank you for joining in with #AnimalTales and I am looking forward to lots more Opie tales.

  3. She looks beautiful and sounds like a real character! This made me dog broody is theres such a thing! #wotw

  4. Such a cutie - hoped dottie relaxes and accepts her soon, there's no reason why they can't get on x #wotw


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