Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The Twins Turn Three

I still cannot believe that our babies are now three.

They have grown so much over the last three years and have come on so far.

When I look at them it is hard to believe that they were the small, tiny babies that they were in neonatal intensive care. The first couple of weeks were filled with worry and desperation of being apart from them. Thankfully they were not there for long and were soon home where they belong, with us, their family.

The first year of their life was a sleep deprived haze of endless feeding, burping, nappy changes and pumping milk. I remember finishing one round and maybe having an hour before starting all over again. The nights were exhausting. After they had been fed, I'd sit and pump milk for their next feed, often falling asleep mid pump.

But it did get easier.

Blocks of sleep got longer which helped no end.

The first year was hard but so rewarding.

The next two years have been less exhausting but have come with different challenges. There is no better feeling than having them both with me, one on either side, stroking my arms as they do and hearing "I love you mummy".

Over the years I have had endless comments, mainly from strangers, saying...

"you must have your hands full"

"rather you than me"

"double trouble"

I even got once during my pregnancy "that's unlucky!"

But to this I say

"No! I am the lucky one for having two beautiful babies!"

Isabella and Taylor I am so proud to be your mummy, thank you for bless me with your presence x

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  1. Happy 3rd birthday to your little ones! I always wanted twins so cannot understand when people say daft things. Fabulous cake miss!

  2. That cake is amazing! Happy birthday to them! Also, just seen your pic in the header - do you work at Unilever? I use to work in the Leatherhead office! #mmwbh

  3. Happy Birthday! That's a fabulous cake :)


  4. Happy 3rd birthday to them. Hope they had a great time. #MMWBH

  5. Aw happy birthday guys! Love the frozen birthday cake I had to make one in December for my little girls 5th birthday. It didn't look as professional as yours though!

  6. Happy birthday kiddos! Lovely post huni xx

  7. Aaaah HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! How gorgeous!!! My two turn two in a couple of weeks!! WHERE does the time go???!! Lovely that you've got one dark and one blonde too, just like me! :) #MultipleMadness

    Caro |

  8. This really spoke to me.

    When people ask us if it gets easier, we always say, much as you do in the article, that each age comes with its own benefits and challenges. Sure, they can do more stuff on their own now, but then again, they can DO more stuff on their own, now. Potty training is really helpful, until they start going in alone and flushing stuff down the potty!


  9. Such cute photos, looks like a brilliant birthday and I'm glad they had fun. I once had a lady make me cry because she saw me with my three boys and said 'you're so lucky' it made such a difference to 'hands full' she totally made my day! xx #multiplemadness

  10. I can't believe someone actually said that to you while you were pregnant!!!!
    You really are blessed with beautiful children, all three of them. Thanks for linking up with #MultipleMadness x


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