Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Ken Hom

Tomorrow is the Chinese New Year and what better way to celebrate than with a slap up Chinese banquet. Like many I do not really know much about the Chinese new year and traditions. However I have been sent some information from the one and only Ken Hom, the man who put Chinese food on the UK map! 

This year Ken Hom is urging people in the UK to celebrate the arrival of the year of the goat. In the Chinese culture new year is the longest and most important celebration on their calendar. It is also becoming more of a celebration for British households. It is a great excuse to enjoy a Chinese banquet and learn more about the Chinese tradition.

I love to cook Chinese meals however it is also nice to have the meal cooked for me. This is where Tesco Oriental Meals by Ken Hom come in. They are a great way to enjoy a Chinese take away style meal without the huge take away expense. Ken Hom's range of Chinese meals are available exclusively at Tesco. They have been personally created by Ken Hom so you can guarantee that you are going to be having a truly authentic meal! There are over 20 delicious meals available so you are sure to find a meal to suite all tastes.

Ken Hom's Sweet and Sour Chicken and Egg Fried Rice
The food that is served for Chinese new year is also important for the new year. They always include the following key ingredients:
  • Chicken for fortune
  • Fish for prosperity
  • Noodles for longevity, never cut the noodles!
  • Duck is a symbol of fidelity
  • Vegetables represent the cleansing of the system
  • Wontons represent gold ingots (wealth)
  • Seaweed for wealth
Chinese new year is full of superstitions for example:
  • The entire house must be cleaned, top to bottom before new years day. On new years eve all cleaning equipment must be stored away. No cleaning must be done on new years day for the fear of cleaning out the new years fortune.
  • There should be no crying on new years day. If you do cry it is believed that you will cry throughout the year.
  • On new years day you should not wash your hair in case you wash away the good fortune.
  • Do not use knives or scissors on new years day as it is feared that you may cut off the good luck.
This year is the year of the goat. It is believed that people born in the year of the goat are mild mannered, shy and sympathetic. Personality traits such as creativity, dependability, intelligence and calmness make them charming to be with. They love to be a part of groups but they do not want to be the centre of attention.

Where you born in the year of the goat?

Do these traits sound like you?

I was born in the year of the horse. You can find out which year you were born in by using the chart below.

Disclosure: Ken Hom’s range of chilled ready meals are available from Tesco. To download Ken Hom’s Chinese New Year 2015 booklet, please visit We were sent a banquet of Ken Hom's meals to try for the purpose of this post. No cash payment was received. All views and opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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