Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Weight Loss Journey - Week 2 and 3 - 2015

Last week I didn't get round to writing up my weight loss journey post. So this week I will let you know how I got on during my "detox" week and during my first week back on the shakes.

Week 2 - Detox

I will admit to really enjoying my detox week. It was so refreshing to be healthier after the Christmas indulgence. I drank water, green tea and ate healthier. However I did not detox completely. I did still enjoy the odd glass of wine. After a week of clean eating I was delighted that I lost 3lbs.

Week 3 - Back on Shakes

Last week I replaced two of my meals with shakes. But I have struggled. I have nibbled between shakes, had wine and over the weekend I even had cake! But I have also started doing squats in the morning, had healthy snacks and eaten healthily. Therefore I was so disappointed when I stepped on the scales this week to see I had put on 1lb.

I have now re-evaluated how I am going to loose weight. I have decided that I am going to combine both Juice Plus and Slimming World Extra Easy SP plan.

From now on I will continue having my shakes for breakfast and lunch but am following the Slimming World food plan. I feel that Slimming World has a lot more information regarding food and are more structured in giving the information. They do not tell you to deprive yourself of all the foods that we all love like the Juice Plus plan does. I feel that depriving yourself of a glass of wine or the odd bit of chocolate can, in the long run, have the adverse effect and can cause binging. Therefore I am going to allow myself a few syns as it will keep my diet and lifestyle more balanced. But I also feel that having a more balanced diet will enable me to keep off the weight that I have lost.

Yesterday I attended my first legs, bums and tums class! This is another way that I am, hopefully, improving not just my weight but also my lifestyle. The class was an hour and I loved it! I am feeling it today, but I am so proud of myself for going in the first place, completing the workout and planning to return next week!

This week may have added 1lb on to my weight but it has also given me a new found determination!

I am sharing my Weight Loss Journey with Musing Housewife - Weight Loss Wednesday and Madhouse Family Reviews - Sunday Weigh In

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  1. I've never tried Slimming world but this sounds like you are doing well. Good luck and hope you get to your goals! Jess x

  2. Sounds like you're doing everything right so try not to focus on the 1lb gain - maybe it's just water or a bit of fat you're turning into muscle ! :) Thanks for linking up on the Sunday weigh-in linkie xx

  3. We all forget that there are times in the month where we will naturally gain a pound or two, so don't worry! You sound really focused which is great for maintaining the weight loss journey. After I had my daughter, I spent 16 weeks on the Lipotrim shake only diet and lost almost 6 stone. It was a crazy ride... and then I put weight back on again. Slimming World is really popular with the weight loss bloggers at the moment and the losses speak for themselves. I personally do not think I would know when to stop eating on SW so favour WW. Thank you so much for linking up with #WeightLossWednesday - Beth, myself and everyone else looks forward to seeing how you get on! :) Sim x

  4. That sounds like a sensible plan, I'm always wary of cutting certain foods out, I log all my calories and try to level everything out but I'll have anything I like - within reason. Good Luck!

    Sharon xx
    Beauty, Miscellany

  5. Well done for finding your determination from you gain.

    I'm catching up on #WeightLossWednesday and look forward to see your progress.


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