Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Weight Loss Journey - Week 1 2015

Now that Christmas is over my weight loss journey is back on!

I decided to stop my diet over the Christmas holiday and simply enjoy food and drink, after all food and drink is a big part of Christmas.

After all of the treats I am now craving healthy food and am raring to go again.

So you may be wondering, what effect did all of the Christmas treats have on my weight loss.

I was so worried when I stepped on the scales as I can feel that I have put on weight and the bloated feeling has returned by the end of the day. However I did not put on as much as I felt I had.

Over Christmas I have put on 4lbs which takes me back up to 12st 1lb.

This week I am detoxing again which means no caffeine (I only had a couple of coffees over the break), no sugar, no processed food, no gluten and no dairy. I am increasing my water intake to 3 litres a day and drinking infusions and green tea. Yesterday was day one and I loved it, yes, I am loving the detox! It feels good to be eating and drinking healthier.

Next week I will be replacing two of my meals with my Juice Plus shakes again. I am determined that I will loose the final stone and a half to reach my target. If I am honest it feels like a huge amount and a target which I wonder if I will ever reach. I can but try, if I give it my best I am sure I will in time. No matter if I put weight on or loose it I am going to record it in my weight loss journey. I will write about the good results and the bad results and give a true account of how I get on.

Here is to a successful and healthy 2015.

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