Monday, 8 December 2014

Weight Loss Journey Week 4 - 5

Last week I did not write a weight loss post as we had been away I decided that I was going to eat healthy but not stick to the diet 100%. Over the weekend I had desserts, drank alcohol and ate chocolate and biscuits. However we were riding bikes so I was getting some exercise too.

At the time of eating the treats and drinking alcohol it was lovely, however the following day it was not. I woke up with stomach pains, bloated and just felt generally sluggish. I could tell that I had not been drinking as much water as I had and was amazed by how I felt. This made me realise how good I have been feeling since I started out on my Juice Plus journey. It really has made a difference in both how I feel and how I look.

Now that the weather is colder my cold fruity shakes have been replaced by warm shakes using almond milk and decaffeinated coffee with the vanilla Juice Plus which is just like a delicious latte. Or by using the chocolate Juice Plus I can enjoy a hot chocolate!

Last week we had a meat free week to add some extra goodness back into our bodies after our weekend of indulgence. This week we will be eating meat but we plan to have a meat free week once a month from now on. If you would like any meal ideas take a look at my Weekly Meal Plans that I post every Monday.

I am so pleased with my experience so far with Juice Plus I am even considering becoming a Juice Plus representative!

So as you know Monday is my weighing day. I did weigh myself last Tuesday after we returned home and I was surprised to see that I had not put any weight on, I had stayed exactly the same weight! This week I have gone down from 12st 3lbs to 11st 13lbs! I have lost 3lbs this week which gives me a grand total of 1 stone lost since I began my Juice Plus journey! I am delighted to have lost the weight and I can certainly tell the difference. Last week I bought a new dress and had to get a size 12 as the 14 was too big! I am also back in my size 14 jeans, the size 16's will be going in the bin!

Here's to another successful week and if you would be interested in starting your own Juice Plus journey please email me!

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