Tuesday, 16 December 2014

What Are Your Habits Costing You?

We all deserve the odd treat.

But have you ever thought about how much the treats add to up over a month?

Over a year?

5 years?

15 years?

Or what you could buy if you cut back on the treats?

Legal and General have created a Habit Cost Calculator where you can see how much it all adds up to! The aim for the calculator is to make you think more about life in the long term and how a savings account could help you. Cutting back on these treats could help you save money towards buying a house, save for a holiday or even further additions to the family.

Whether your treat is a coffee out, a meal out, alcohol, lottery or nights out simply place in the calculator how much you spend and wait and see how much it could add up to!

We don't have many treats but we do like to eat out as a family over the weekends. Going out for just one family meal can easily cost us £70, if we go out twice that would be £140 a month. I placed £140 into the habit calculator to see what the results would be, this is what I found out...

  • £140 a month spent on lunches out equals a massive £1703.33 per year! This money could buy 3 laptops, a holiday abroad or buy 13 festival tickets!
  • Over 5 years it equals £8,516.67! 
  • Over 15 years it equals a whopping £25,550.00!!!
When the cost is put into perspective in this way it really does make you stop and think about how much is being spent.

Thankfully as they are "treats" they can be cut back when needed.

If you would like to see how your treats could add up visit Legal and General's Habit Cost Calculator.

Disclosure: I have been sent a thank you gift for this post. No cash payment has been received. All views and opinions my own and 100% honest.

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