Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Weight Loss Journey Week 6

This week I have not been as strict with what I can and cannot eat. I have been full of cold and the odd chocolate has been needed!

As well as the cold the hubby and I had a much needed night away which included a delicious 3 course a la carte dinner, wine, prosecco, cheese, bread and port! Of course there was also a lovely breakfast in the morning! I had decided that I would enjoy the meal without limiting myself to what I could have.

When I got on the scales this morning I didn't think that I would have lost anything after the indulgence. However I have lost 1lb. So in the last 6 weeks I have now lost a total of 15lbs which I am delighted with!

What I really noticed this week was the difference I could see in a photograph that the hubby took of me before we went out. I have compared it with my before picture and I am amazed by how different my body looks already. I am feeling so much more confident in the way I look which is great. I don't feel that I have to hide under baggy clothes as much as before.

I am sure that next week there will be more indulgence so this week I am going to be sticking to the plan 100% so that I can have Christmas treats!

Here's to a successful week!


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