Thursday, 18 December 2014

5 Tips To Improve The General Running Of Your Blog

Starting and maintaining a blog may seem really simple, but it's amazing how many bloggers give up early on because they either get bored or underestimate the amount of work involved. In reality though, managing a blog can be easy if you follow certain advice - and here are five of my top tips that can help to improve the general running of your blog.

1. Schedule Posts
One of the reasons why so many blogs fail is that the bloggers can't find the time to post regular and relevant content. One thing that I do is to schedule blog posts. If I have some free time, I write multiple posts in one day, and use my blog dashboard to schedule these posts to go live at different times on different days. You can even schedule tweets and Facebook posts to publicise these new blog posts when they go live, meaning that you have fresh new content appearing online without the need for too much regular work.

2. Take A Look At Your Layout 
Load up your blog's homepage, and try and think objectively about what visitors would think. Is it too cluttered, or too full of ads? You'll want to gain the trust of visitors, so make it look as professional and clean as possible.

3. Promote Your Posts
How are you currently sharing new posts? I use social media as one of the key tools to shout about my new blog posts, and you should be doing the same. You could also consider signing up to blog directories, which will share new posts as they are published, and commenting on posts on other blogs (including a link to any relevant posts on your own blog) can also help to spread the word.

4. Keep An Eye On Your Analytics
I've installed analytics software, Google Analytics, that allows me to see where visitors to my blog are coming from, which posts they are reading and the search terms that they've typed in that have led them to my blog. By monitoring these stats, you'll be able to see which types of post get you the most readers, giving you an idea of the sort of content that appeals most to your audience and keeps them coming back.

5. Install Antivirus Software
When it comes to blogging, you can't be too careful as far as security is concerned. Choose the best antivirus software you can find to keep your blog safe; this will help to protect your passwords and make it more difficult for hackers to make changes to your blog or even destroy it completely.

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  1. Great tips! I schedule 99% of my posts....I couldn't manage otherwise! I only realised you could schedule posts on Facebook a few weeks x


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