Friday, 7 November 2014

Word of the Week - 7th November 2014

This weeks Word of the Week has to be...


The last few months I really have not been looking after myself. You will all know that it has not been an easy 4 months. I have dealt with grief and depression which have resulted in my health being put to the bottom of the list.

While we were on holiday last week I decided to make a change. Change the way that I am living, change my health and start to look after myself a lot more. I truly believe that if I look after my body my mental well being will also improve (well, I hope it will) and I will be back to being me without medication.

This week I have started my detox. I am wanting to give my body the kick start that it has needed. I have been quite brutal after a holiday full of over indulgence. I have cut out a lot of foods including dairy, gluten, caffeine and alcohol to name a few. My meals are all free of processed foods, full of vegetables and full of goodness. We didn't eat badly before but I have needed to make some changes. My aim is to loose weight and to improve my physical and mental health.

I have taken the first step and I am loving the changes.

What word would sum up your week?

As always I am sharing my word of the week with the lovely Jocelyn from The Reading Residence
The Reading Residence


  1. Well done! You sound so positive about the changes that you have made. i did a detox a few years ago and it's amazing how quickly you start to notice a difference. I should probably do it again sometime x

  2. Well done, you. And no, no-one could blame you for having let this slide with the difficult few months you've had, but I'm pleased you're happy about improving it now and it's going well x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  3. Good for you lovely, hope it continues to go well for you x

  4. Well done! Good for you! I hope it goes well x

  5. Well done to you lovely. Sometimes making a decision is the hardest part isn't it? I need to get back on the wagon, maybe we need a bloggers detox support group?! Difficult to motivate myself with Christmas around the corner. Hope the juicing is going well too xx

  6. Well done for taking that step, I hope it helps x #WotW

  7. Well done, sounds like you've made a really positive start x #WotW


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