Monday, 10 November 2014

Weight Loss Journey - Week 1

I have survived the first week of my weight loss journey!

Last week was all about a detox to prepare my body for starting the Juice Plus shakes this week. Last week was a lot easier than I was expecting. However I truly believe that my determination has helped me no end.

Last week I cut out a lot of my much loved foods and drinks. I banned caffeine, alcohol, potatoes, sugar, dairy, carbs, and processed foods to name a few. Last week was a week full of fresh fruit and vegetables and I loved it!

On Monday and Tuesday I had a banging headache all day. I have since found out that the headaches are all part of the detox. On Wednesday I did have a headache but no where near as bad. But on Thursday I woke up feeling great!

So far the changes that I have noticed are:

  • Sleeping deeper
  • Not feeling bloated
  • Not feeling as hungry
This week I start drinking my Juice Plus shakes. I am replacing breakfast and lunch with a shake made with a milk alternative. However I am still allowed a mid morning and mid afternoon snack as well as a healthy evening meal. This morning I started the day with a vanilla shake made with coconut milk and added a banana and it was delicious!

Monday is also my weighing day. Last week I did not say what my weight was but this week I will. On Monday last week I weighed 12st 13lbs and this week I weigh 12st 8lbs! In week one of detox I have lost 5lbs which I am happy with!

Here's to a successful week 2!


  1. well done on sticking with it, I am not sure I could do it as I prefer to eat in a morning rather than n evening

    1. Thank you. I am finding that I do miss eating in the day but make the most of the snacks that I am allowed x


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