Monday, 3 November 2014

Time To Loose Weight

Recently I have been noticing how my clothes are getting tighter. I am now happy or confident with the way that my body looks. I am fed up of hiding underneath baggy clothes and hating my full length reflection.

There is nothing to blame for my weight gain apart from me. However I do feel that my depression and anxiety has had a part to play. I have been less motivated and to be honest, I haven't really looked after myself. I have eaten more and have drunk more alcohol.

It is easy to hide under baggy tops, keep saying it's my baby belly, or I eat because I am content. I know that my hubby loves me as I am but I want to look better. I want to look like the person that he fell in love with and married again.

While we were away I decided to do something about it and started looking for a way to go.

As many of you will have seen, on the internet Juice Plus is everywhere. I will admit to looking at before and after pictures and thinking "yeah right" and thinking that there was some great photo editing involved. However when I found out that a childhood friend had lost 50lbs by following the Juice Plus programme I decided to give it a go. When I looked online for any reviews on Juice Plus there were very few.

I am going to be giving you a true and honest insight into the Juice Plus diet. I have taken some before pictures and I hope that I can show you that you can achieve the great results that I have seen. If I don't get these great results, I will tell you!

Today is day one of the pre Juice Plus shakes detox. I have got a huge list of foods which are now banned! No alcohol, no caffeine, no sugar, no dairy, no bread, no cheese the list goes on. However there is a long list of foods which I can have, fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, poultry, game, vegetable juices, nuts and milk substitutes. I do not use a lot of processed foods so preparing fresh, healthy meals will not be a problem. For a week I am having breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch, mid afternoon snack and dinner.

I now have the determination behind me and my hubby's support so I am sure I will succeed.

Here's to a healthier me!


  1. Good luck darling, have been researching diets that are best for PCOS sufferers like myself and sounds similar-although I'm limiting red meat too so mostly fish, chicken, vegetables and the only dairy I'm having is sheep and goats. I'm celebrating my birthday for literally the whole month so there will be treats but going on the 80/20 rule, mwah x

  2. I hope it works for you, I am the same, the only thing that keeps me fat is me.....nobody else to blame


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