Thursday, 30 October 2014

World Vision's Night of Hope

World Vision are asking people to abandon a night of fear and replacing it with a Night of Hope this Halloween. Their campaign is to highlight that for some children it is a night of fear every night. With this post I hope to raise awareness of the hard work that World Vision do to help these poor children. This year World Vision are focusing on the children refugees of Syria.

Syria is in it's forth year of war and it has stolen the childhood of millions of children who have witnessed horrors that no one should see, let alone children. Their innocence has been stolen and replaced with fear. Fear for loosing family, fear for bombing and fighting, even fear of dying. For us, this is an unimaginable situation to be in, but for them it is a reality.

This Halloween please help World Vision make live a little easier for the children of Syria by visiting and supporting World Vision a Night of Hope.

Please, if you can, text Heart8 to 70060 to donate £5 to help the children of Syria.

Here is our pumpkin for a Night of Hope...

I hope that you will take part in this worthy campaign and carve a heart in your pumpkin this year.

Disclosure: No payment was received for this post. I have written it as I truly believe that World Vision is a worthy cause.

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  1. Thanks for your wonderful post and picture, Kirsty, it means a lot to have your support!


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