Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Point and Shoot - 4th October - 5th October 2014

This weekend certainly saw a mixture of weather! We really did have a bit of all sorts!

On Saturday we saw terrible rain and wind in the morning, which was followed by glorious sunshine. Naturally after so much rain there were plenty of muddy puddles which gave me a fun idea for the twins. So on went the wellies and coats and off the three of us went on the hunt for puddles. They giggled and chuckled the whole time. As their jumps got bigger inevitably so did the splashes. By the time we decided to go home and show the hubby what we had done they were soaked! But they had such a good time and every child should jump in muddy puddles!

On Sunday it was a cool but lovely sunny day. On days like that, we headed out to our favourite place to visit, Normanby Hall. This year we really have had our monies worth out of our annual pass. It has given us so many fantastic days out for free! During this visit we all noticed how the signs of autumn are really showing. There were so many dried, fallen leaves. The children loved ruunning through them and listening the the crunching and rustling under their feet.

This has been a lovely weekend full of quality time together as a family. Just as we like it!

Here is our weekend in picture...

As always I am sharing our weekend in pictures with the lovely Em at Snowing Indoors - Point + Shoot


  1. What a lovely post. I love your autumnal shots. Your children seem so happy in their cute little boots ;-)
    Autumn has arrived all at once but we had such a good September. I love the photo of the leaves!

  2. Beautiful photos, that puddle jumping sounds fun (and soggy!!) I am loving the crunchy leaves underfoot, it makes the colder weather more bearable.

    Thanks for playing along with Point + Shoot xx

  3. That looks so much fun! I still jump on puddles whenever I see one.. but gotta be careful not to splash on some other people who don't want to be splashed haha!
    I love your shots, by the way.. great post! :)

  4. What lovely photos. I love the pure joy that children take from puddle jumping and crunching through leaves. They don't have the hang ups about Autumn leading into winter do they, they just relish the changes in the seasons.


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