Thursday, 16 October 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow? Week 41

This week has seen so many foggy, damp, cold mornings. They haven't been very nice, but, if you look carefully beauty can still be found.

On one of these damp foggy mornings, while everyone was busy, I snuck out with my camera and this is what I captured.

Here is our garden during week 41...

As always I am sharing with the lovely Annie at Manneskjur



  1. Spiders webs are amazing. We've got lots of webs on our crab apple tree and some of them are really strong! Do you still have sweet peas blooming? Pretty!

  2. wow! those are truly some amazing spiderwebs! love all the tiny droplets!

  3. I love all the rain drops in these photos - totally paid off sneaking out to capture them! There's been cobwebs everywhere here too - I love seeing them on my morning run (except when i run face first into them - that's not quite so good!)
    Have you still got sweet peas going ??!?!
    Thanks for sharing these Kirsty xx

  4. just love all those droplets over everything they really do make for dramatic pictures very lovely

  5. I love your cobweb photographs. I haven't been able to get the light right on mine yet.

  6. Love your spiderweb photos - they're the best (only?) good thing about spiders. And totes jealous that you still have sweet peas xx


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