Saturday, 11 October 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow? Week 40

Wow! How did we get to week 40 so quickly! This year is flying by!

Thanks to the time of year the only real colour that we still have in the garden is thanks to the sweet peas and sunflowers. I am amazed that we still have sunflowers blooming and am delighted with the different varieties that we have. Everything else seems to be dying down in the back. At the front the hydrangeas are still showing their varied colours as they come to the end of their flowering season. I am astounded by how they change colour and are still so beautiful.

Last weekend we visited Normanby Hall and enjoyed seeing the signs that autumn has arrived.

This week I am sharing a mixture of pictures that record the changes in both our garden and at Normanby Hall.

Normanby Hall

Our Autumnal Garden

As always I am joining in with Manneskjur - How Does Your Garden Grow?



  1. Love photos! My fave is the one with the ladybird cuz its just so perfect =) #hdygg

  2. I love the shot of the twins in the autumn leaves. So cute...and butter wouldn't melt hey?

  3. Those sunflowers, amazing!
    I agree with Stephanie, the photo of the twins is adorable

  4. Sorry I am so late reading this lovely lady - things are quite literally bonkers here this week with us hanging doors and me bunged up with cold.
    Love that you still have sunflowers on the go, Ozzy asked me to pick his last 2 blooms to bring indoors and keep in the vase. They have well and truly gone over now but he insists on keeping them!
    I love all the colour you still have there, unlike me 50 shades of mud here...
    Lovely to see a ladybird out in the sun too! Thank you for joining in again sausage - hope you are doing ok x


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