Thursday, 2 October 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow? My Parents Beautiful Garden

This is a post that I have wanted to write for a while now and I wish I had done it during the summer months when their garden was in full bloom. This week I am sharing some pictures of my parents garden.

My parents have got a beautiful big garden that is divided over two sections, the lower section houses their vegetable patch, green house and large open space which the children use as their football pitch and the top section is mainly dedicated to their flowers and an orchard. Their garden is so beautiful thanks to all of the hard work that they have both put into it.

As far back as I can remember we always had a lovely garden and my parents were keen gardeners. This is where my love the gardens has come from and what I know now is mainly from what they have told me. Having grown up with big garden spaces full of flowers and features this is what I want for my children too. Luckily the hubby had a similar home life growing up to me and wants the same.

I am extremely thankful for what my parents have shown me and how they have passed on their love of gardens to me.

This is how my parents garden has grown...

As always I am sharing my How Does Your Garden Grow with the lovely Annie at Manneskjur.



  1. Love the marigolds, somehow I missed these out this year - and fuschias are always a favourite, but what a lovely garden xx

  2. There are so many plantys here that my parents had in their garden. Happy memories of my childhood garden. Thank you :)

  3. Great photos and those marigolds are lovely. I grew some marigolds from seed this year and they looked great in the troughs on the front wall. Your parents have a beautiful garden :)

  4. so beautiful! and how wonderful to grow up with people with such love for nature. xx

  5. Wow their garden looks and sounds amazing and growing up around parents who worked so hard in the garden as obviously rubbed off on you too. I was scrolling down going 'ahh' ahhh' and then finally 'ARGH!'
    Spiders everywhere here too, I've just been out in the woods and must have walked face first into at least half a dozen huge webs - still a bit creeped out about it all now!

    Thank you for sharing lovely, I especially like the soft purples x

  6. Beautiful garden, I can see how their love has inspired yours. That spider is HUGE, we have those in our garden too-I almost walked right into one yesterday-that freaked me out I have to say :)

  7. Fabulous, such beautiful flowers and wonderful colour. My mother loves gardening, and I look to her for advice and enthusiasm :) #HDYGG

  8. So many beautiful flowers, your parents garden sounds perfect

  9. Still so much colour for this time of year. I'm so glad my parents always tended to their garden too so I was able to catch the gardening bug.


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