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Chocolat Chocolat Review

Photograph courtesy of Chocolat Chocolat

When I was recently asked if I would like to review some chocolate I was over the moon. I love chocolate! I was really excited to read that it would be for a company who hand makes chocolate bars that you have created. Bespoke chocolate sounded perfect and I couldn't wait to get started.

Chocolat Chocolat have recently added this option to their online ordering. The ordering process was both easy and enjoyable. It was so much fun selecting the chocolate and toppings. I could have easily sat and ordered dozens of delicious sounding bars with different flavour combinations.

First you select which chocolate you would like your bar to be based on. You do not get just a simple choice of dark, milk or white, you also have dark (70%) and caramel.

Once you have selected your chocolate you have the difficult decision of choosing your toppings. Thankfully Chocolat Chocolat have got a huge list of suggested topping which go perfectly with the chocolate base selected. However you also have the option of selecting your own, personal combination. I will warn you, you will be faced with a huge list, it really is so difficult selecting up to 3 different toppings.

Chocolat Chocolat offer you:
  • 10 different fruit toppings
  • 10 different nut toppings
  • 18 different spices, herbs, flower toppings
  • 22 different confectionery toppings
  • 2 decorations and a list of wording that they can do as well as custom wording
After changing my mind umpteen times I finally settled on:
  • Caramel with Praline and Sea Salt (one of Chocolat Chocolat's suggested combinations)
  • Milk Chocolate with Apple, Cinnamon and Crumble (a suggested combination)
  • Milk Chocolate with Raisins and Whole Caramelised Hazelnuts (my own combination)
A few days later I received an email from Chocolat Chocolat wanting to confirm my order before they hand made my bars. This was a real personal touch from the company that I appreciated as it shows that they care about their customers orders and want to make sure that it is all correct before making and sending your chocolate.

When the parcel arrived I couldn't wait to see what I had ordered. Believe me I was not disappointed!

The three bars of chocolate were packed in brown cases with Chocolat Chocolat stickers with hand written labels on the back telling you which bar was which. They even had a card that said "This bar was hand made by..."which I feel gave them a personal touch which makes them feel extra special. My bars had been made by Lisa Colletti and I can tell you that these chocolate bars were to die for!

Now let me tell you about the bars.

You may notice that only two bars have been photographed. This is my fault, I will admit, the milk chocolate bar with caramelised hazelnuts and raisins did not last long enough to be photographed. This exquisite chocolate simply melts in the mouth and keeps you wanting more and more. It is impossible to have just one piece and save the rest.

So after the first one vanished in no time I knew that I had to take photographs before I even tried a bit!

The caramel chocolate bar topped with praline and sea salt is just as divine as the first. The sweet chocolate combined with the nutty praline and sharp sea salt compliment each other perfectly.

The third bar, which has to be my favourite, if I had to select one, is the milk chocolate with apple, cinnamon and crumble topping. When I first took the bar out of the wrapper I thought that the pieces of apple were simply a topping. However when I took a bite I found that the pieces of apple go nearly to the bottom of the bar and the flavours were heaven!

Chocolat Chocolat do not stop there. They also stock chocolate buttons, sweets and treats, gift boxes and ballotins, hot chocolate and drinks, various French specialities and also run making and tasting courses.

I grew up just outside of Cambridge and wish I lived closer again, purely so that I could visit this shop!

I thoroughly recommend that you visit their website or if you are close by why not visit their shop on St Andrew's Street, Cambridge.

Disclosure: I was sent an order code to create 3 chocolate bars of my choice for the purpose of the post. No payment was received. All views and opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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