Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Alphabet Project - V

This is a letter that has had me a little stuck on what to use.

So after looking through my pictures I did come up with one. This is a word that I love as it is a fantastic descriptive word.

My V is for...


I love photographing flowers in macro. I find the details fascinating but I also love the vibrant colours. You are able to see the flowers from a different angle that most people do not notice.

I think that having vibrant colours in the garden really does bring it to life. Even on a dull day the colours can brighten up the day a little. I miss that as the season changes the vibrant colours die down a little, however I do always enjoy seeing the autumnal shades that are beginning to come out.

That is why I have chosen Vibrant as my V word.

As always I am joining in with PODcast - Alphabet Project


  1. Fab V and a great B too :) and yes we all need some vibrancy in our lives to perk us up x

  2. I am suffering from fat fingers today... I meant Bee :)

  3. That is beautiful! I do love sunflowers :) #alphabetphoto.

  4. Beautiful photo. I love the vibrant colours of flowers too. They can make you instantly happy!

  5. I love vibrant colours, but I do love the seasonal change too. Maybe I need a rest during the colder months from the colour, so I can enjoy it more when it appears in the garden again. Sunflowers are such happy flowers. #AlphabetPhoto

  6. Ooooh, this is GORGEOUS!

    I love sunflowers - this photo just captures it so beautifully.

    Thanks for sharing (and good job)!

  7. Wonderful photo and great choice for V!

  8. A nice photo to look at in a weather like we have here today. #alphabetphoto

  9. This is a gorgeous photo, and the word vibrant is such a happy, positive one. #alphabetphoto

  10. Oh good word hun and fabulous picture xx #AlphabetPhoto


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