Thursday, 11 September 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow? - Week 36

The weeks are flying by. Autumn is drawing in and the garden is changing. The back is loosing a lot of its floral colour and is mostly green. However the front is still colourful and we even have more sunflowers ready to bloom.

This is how our garden has grown this week...

As always I am sharing how our garden has grown with the lovely Manneskjur


  1. Loved seeing your sunflower unwrap itself! :) Most of our flowers are almost finished, but we still have a few looking colourful.

  2. I didn't grow any sunflowers this year and I know I should have done after seeing your rays of sunshine.

  3. Lovely! We have sunflowers growing here too, we plated them late and I'm wondering if they'll bloom now or not. The kids planted them and they check on them daily! Such happy colours in those blooms - I love the pinks especially.
    This has reminded me t but myself some flowers soon!
    Thanks for joining in again - hope you are doing well x

  4. I just love those sunflower pics! We still have a few going strong too, and plan on saving the seeds for next years batch!!

  5. I am actually beginning to think that I prefer unopened sunflowers - so much beauty in those tight green bugs!


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