Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Cheap Budget Meal - Zero Waste Week

This week it is Zero Waste Week which goes hand in hand with my money saving weekly post. If there is one thing that I hate it is waste food. Every time you throw food in the bin, you are throwing money away. As this is a subject which I am passionate about I have pledged to have zero food waste.

If you are unaware of Zero Waste Week, or wonder what it is, here is a run down of the week...

Zero Waste Week is dedicated to raising awareness of waste that goes into landfill and ultimately reducing household waste. This years theme is "One More Thing" this is to make you think "what one more thing can I do?" it is the little changes that we all make which will make the big difference. We all need to do our bit to protect the planet, reduce waste, increase recycling and save money doing so!

So, what pledges can be made? What can you do during Zero Waste Week? Here are a few ideas...

  • Stop using plastic carrier bags and replace them with reusable bags
  • Recycle all of you recyclable waste
  • Stop wasting food (see below for my ideas and tips)
  • Recycle clothes by taking them to either a charity shop or a clothing bank
  • Repair items before discarding
  • Use your local recycling centre
My pledge is to have zero food waste, which is easier than you may think. I truly believe that people throw away food unnecessarily each and every day. Here are my top tips on how to have zero food waste...
  • When you put your shopping check the use by dates and use the food accordingly. Ocado have a fantastic receipt system where the list your groceries by their use by date!
  • Meal plan, I have found that this has reduced our waste as I look at what food we have, what needs using by when and plan around it.
  • Use your freezer! Freezers are a fantastic way of reducing waste. If you have a lot of sauce leftover or the use by date is nearing on meats or vegetables freeze them! Par boil vegetables before freezing and fully defrost meat before using.
  • Vegetable peelings are great for compost bins.
  • Reinvent leftovers into a delicious new meal.
  • Use leftover meat as sandwich fillers.
Here are a few of my favourite leftover recipes...

Pork Moussaka

Pulled Pork Meals

Spicy Beef with Creamy Mash

Banana, Walnut and Date Loaf

Rhubarb and Banana Crumble Cake
If you would like to take part and take a pledge for Zero Waste Week it is not too late. Visit Zero Waste Week.


  1. loving the look of your recipes:)

  2. Thanks for sharing your lovely post with all those inspirational ideas. I love the pasta recipe and who can resist a comforting pudding :)

  3. These recipes look so delicious! I do not throw food in the garbage. What I do is to transform one meal onto another in order to be eaten. For example I make roast potatoes for dinner and in the next day I transform them in delicious mash potatoes. :)


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