Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Aqua Sana Spa - Center Parcs Sherwood Forest

Last weekend the hubby and I had an extremely rare day together, just the two of us. Having three children we very rarely have a full day of "us" time.

I was recently selected as a wildcard winner of the Center Parcs Family Blog Club and as part of the package we were treated to a spa day at the fantastically tranquil Aqua Sana Spa at Sherwood Forest.

We were recently at Center Parcs Sherwood Forest for our summer holiday and as soon as we drove into the resort I felt a comforting calmness come over me.

After we had got parked and made our way to the Aqua Sana Spa we were greeted by the helpful staff who directed us in the right direction to get ready for our day of pampering and relaxation. Once we were ready we met in the Vitale Cafe Bar and were given a choice of drinks and mid morning snacks. Once we were sat down the Spa hostess, Hannah, came to talk us through the day. We were told about the areas within the spa, where to go for our treatments and booked our lunch. Hannah was a lovely hostess who was always around throughout the day to help if needed. After having a chat with us she left us with a glass of bubbly as a welcome.

Once we had finished our delicious mid morning snacks of fresh fruit salad and chocolate croissant we made our way to discover the various spa treatment rooms. We were told that the best way to navigate through the rooms to to go round in a clock wise direction. The further round you go, the warmer the rooms get. This is to gradually increase your body temperature.

We started with the gentle foot spa before taking time out in the Laconium room. The Laconium room was a gentle dry heat with warm, tiled seating area that was shaped to allow you to sit right back and take in the first experience of the relaxing treatment rooms.

Between each of the different treatment rooms are multi sensory showers. These showers combine the heat treatments with hot, warm, tepid and cold water showers. They have various stages and pulses along with different aromas as you go round. The cold water comes as a shock but is extremely refreshing after stepping out of the steam rooms. 

The heat was stepped up in the Tyrolean Sauna. This is a traditional style sauna with wooden seats, walls and ceiling. This style of sauna provides a dry heat which I have always liked. The 15 minutes in this sauna is pure escapism, it is so easy to lay back, close your eyes and imagine you are laid out on a sun lounger on holiday.

Beside the Tyrolean Sauna is the most exhilarating multi sensory shower in the spa. Once you step out of the high heat of the sauna, step into the shower and pull the bucket of iced cold water over your body and experience a pure refreshment like no other! My advice would be to just pull the bucket without thinking about it, if you think too much you won't do it. The cold water is just what you body needs and it is more enjoyable than you believe it would be.

The levels of steam increased dramatically after the Tyrolean Sauna which did us both the world of good as we had both been struck down with a cold. After we had spent 15 minutes in the Japanese Salt Steam Bath we were amazed by how our respiratory system had cleared. As with the Laconium, the Japanese Salt Steam Bath had seats which moulded to the contours of the back as we laid back and breathed in the essential oils and salts that were in the steam.

Our favourite steam room that we spent a lot of time in was the Indian Blossom Steam Room. This room was modelled on the ancient Maharajah's palace. The fresh aroma of menthol and eucalyptus helped us to breath clearly and the glistening lights helped us to truly sink deeper into the relaxed state of mind that we were in.

The Turkish Hammam was the hottest room by far. As we walked in we could barely see due to the thick steam but after a few seconds you adjust to the dim light and steam and enjoy the steam infused with eucalyptus.

Between using the various steam and heat treatment rooms there is the heated pool which sits in the centre of the spa with an open top. It was a beautifully sunny day whilst we were there and floating in the pool with the sun shining down was just bliss. My mind was free of everyday stresses, my mind was clear of everything but the enjoyment of taking some time out for me.

During our spa day we both had 25 minutes of pamper time. I decided to have an Elemis Power Booster Facial while the hubby chose a Back, Neck and Shoulder Stress Release Massage. After our treatments we were lead to the "relaxation lounge" which is an open conservatory with loungers and blankets. We were given a cup of herbal tea while we laid back and let our bodies completely unwind.

Before we knew it lunch time had arrived. While you are in the spa you become oblivious to time, time has no importance, time is forgotten. We were amazed by how quickly the day went by. We made our way back through to the Vitale Cafe and had a light lunch of panini's and rocket. 

After lunch was made our way to the Japanese Zen Garden. We discovered this little oasis of tranquillity whilst we were exploring the spa when we first arrived. We had decided in the morning that the zen garden would be the perfect place to escape with our books. After lunch was the ideal time. In the afternoon the spa was a lot busier however the Zen garden was empty. We enjoyed listening the the trickle of a waterfall that runs along the back of the garden. We laid back in the loungers, read our books and talked. It is so rare that we have such peace and it was blissful to hear nothing but the natures light sounds.

Before it was time for us to leave we visited our favourite steam rooms and planned our next visit.

This was the first spa day that the hubby has been to and he was out of his comfort zone to start with however by lunch time, I am delighted to say, he had been converted. This was the first of more spa days that we will be having as a couple. The spa gave us a much needed break and chance to be us again, a husband and wife and not just mummy and daddy.

Thank you Aqua Sana Spa and Center Parcs for a fantastic day!

Relaxed after a wonderfully relaxing day


  1. It sounds like a lovely day. I'm so glad your OH got in the swing of it!

    1. It was fantastic and I am so pleased the hubby enjoyed it as it means we will definitely be doing it again :-)


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