Friday, 22 August 2014

Word of the Week - 22nd August 2014

It is Word of the Week time.

What word would sum up my week?

I'm afraid that to say I have struggled to find a positive word this week. But in the end I have chosen a word which is positive, I think, that word is...


Why have I chosen determination?

Well, this week has seen me go down again. But it has also brought out a new determination. I am determined that this will not beat me down. I am determined to get over it. Determined to me again.

I have started by getting a brand new hair cut! I have had a lot chopped off and have added a fringe. Next week we are on holiday and I have booked in a couple of spa treatments to help pick me up. I am determined to use this holiday to leave everything behind me and just spend quality time with my family. I am even leaving my blog at home! I am pleased to say that I have got my posts scheduled so that it'll keep ticking over while we are away. I am leaving the laptop behind but I have bought a lovely new note book and stationary and plan to write the good old fashioned way!

I am finding that there is no quick fix to depression. I am finding that it is a roller coaster ride of recovery. I had thought that I was better but after this week I am realising that it is going to take time but I am confident that with my new found determination I will get out of the darkness. I am focusing on my reasons to smile, my hubby, my children, my family and even my little blog.

My new hair

Thank you for listening to me x

What word would sum up your week?

As always I am sharing my Word of the Week with the lovely Jocelyn at The Reading Residence.

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  1. Love the new hair cut and your hair looks so shiny too! Have a great week away xx

  2. Reading your plans on how to relax is so well relaxing! Have fun. #wotw

  3. Determined is a great word, and I love your plans for next week. Your hair looks fab! Enjoy your break and I do hope it helps x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  4. Hair looks lovely & what a great thing to have as #wotw Enjoy your holiday & spa treatments xx

  5. Your hair is fabulous, getting a fringe cut in was the best thing I ever did with my hair, yours looks lovely. Determination is a great word for your week and your word are so positive. Wonderful to read x #WotW

  6. You do sound very Determined! I love your new hair do! Gorgeous!
    Have a lovely holiday x

  7. I absolutely love your hair, it really suits you. What a fab word, I am the same with good and bad days, but we will get there hun. Have a wonderful time xx

  8. Your hair looks beautiful. Depression is a terrible illness but determination to beat it will make it easier for you to conquer. Have a lovely holiday x #wotw

  9. Such a brave post. I think there is real misconception that you move on a little from depression and then everything is fine. I find I am still working all this out a good 8 years after the worst of depression passed. Keep on keeping on and I admire you for taking time out to look after you


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