Friday, 8 August 2014

The Extension Dream Will Come True!

Recently I wrote a blog post about my kitchen and how I dream of having a lovely large extension to create an open plan living/dining area.

Well, in the new year my dream will become a reality!

We will be extending the kitchen and making it the true heart of the house.

We will also be adding an extra bedroom which will mean that in the future the three children will all have a room of their own!

Along with the prospect of building work has come the excitement of being able to furnish and decorate the area. This is something that I am really looking forward to. It is going to be fantastic having the extra space and being able to make it all exactly as we desire.

I already have ideas floating around in my head. That is why I am writing this post. It is going to be great to look back on and see what ideas we had before the work is done, while the work is being done and the end result.

So far my ideas are...

A beautiful big Oak dining table with enough room for us all to sit
comfortably around with room for guests! I love this Oak design
with the matching sideboards and cabinets!

A lovely large corner settee is a must! This area is going to be a
place where we can sit and enjoy looking out onto the garden
while the children play. A place where we can all be together.

Then of course I will have fabric to choose for blinds! As our
garden is East facing we have the sun shining straight in for a
lot of the day blinds will be important! I am wanting to have
an open roof with skylights in to allow the maximum amount
of natural day light into the room. This will mean that we will
also need blinds on those and as they will be high up we will
need to make sure that we can get ones that we can close
with a remote control!

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I would love to incorporate something like this into the skylights.
I can imagine having a sloping open roof with plants on the
window still against a pure white ceiling and blind.
(photograph courtesy of Roof Blinds)

Thankfully we have a lovely long garden so we will
not miss the part of the garden that we will be loosing.
The hubby is already planning how to transform this
part of the garden and adding a large decking area
coming off the extension. We dream of having large
patio doors that will open up onto a decking are with
an area for a table and a built in barbecue.

These are our ideas so far! We have so many exciting plans to make into a reality during 2015. It is amazing to think that this time next year we will have the home that we have been dreaming of and I cannot wait to share our journey with you.

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