Thursday, 7 August 2014

Alphabet Project - L and M

As I missed last weeks L I am going to share my L photograph and M photograph this week in one post.

My L has changed a few times. But I have chosen my L to be...

I have recently been harvesting Lavender to use in baking and for drying. I love everything about Lavender, the smell, the colour and not forgetting the flavour.

I have chosen my M to be...

The twins are now two and a half and are most definitely mischievous! As there are two of them I find that they encourage each other. I have nicknamed them the tag team twins! They are such a little double act. At times they have me running left, right and centre. One goes one way while the other goes the opposite way. The more they giggle the more they carry on! But when I look at  their beautiful cheeky grins, my heart melts and I just laugh and giggle with them!

What L and M pictures would you choose?

As always I am sharing my Alphabet Photo with the lovely PODcast - Alphabet Project


  1. I love the mischievous photo, they look like they are about to get up to something. Lavender is so useful, my lavender bush got destroyed last year and I still miss it.

    1. Thank you :-) I was trying to get them in the back garden but they decided to plonk their bums down on the front step instead :-) x


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