Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Point + Shoot - 28th - 29th June 2014

Well, what can I say about the weekend?

At the moment I am struggling with how to word my feelings. There is a lot going on at the moment and I'm not going to go into it all in this post, but you can read more here.

This post I am going to focus on what and who makes me happy and keeps me going. My hubby and children are keeping me afloat as it the tranquillity of the garden and not forgetting my little blog! I didn't pick my camera up at all on Saturday and it was only on Sunday afternoon that I picked it up, pushed everything in my mind to one side and took pictures. I feel a strange calmness when I take pictures, I think it may be because I am thinking about something else.

Anyway, here is what and who made me happy over the weekend...

I am sharing our weekend with the lovely Em at Snowing Indoors - Point + Shoot



  1. The twins look so grown up all of a sudden. I find photography to be really theraputic, I agree with you, I think it's a perfect distraction and the resulting photos are a perfect form of gratitude journal. Hope you don't get any side effects from your tablets, if you ever want to chat (or email) I'm always here.

    Thanks for playing along with Point + Shoot xx

  2. Lovely set of pictures. I'm with you on the calmness when taking pictures, it's my happy place taking pictures of the family.
    I hope other stuff works itself out (will check out your other post in a min). #Point+Shoot x

  3. I love your garden to bits - and how you all make the most of it. I hope you are ok, if you need to talk just shout x

  4. Fab set of photographs. I love the expressions of the little ones faces xx #Point+Shoot


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