Monday, 21 July 2014

Point + Shoot - 19th - 20th July 2014

What a stormy weekend we have had!

Saturday it rained nearly all day! We did venture out of a while and treated the children to a McDonald's. Isabella had a lot of fun with stickers. After sticking them on herself she went on to stick them on everyone else. We finished Saturday with a family game night with Joseph.

Sunday started beautiful so we made the most of the sunshine and went for a walk at our local house and gardens where we have an annual pass for. The gardens are so beautiful. It is lovely to see the changes as the seasons go by. After we had our Sunday dinner the heavens opened. Joseph saw this as the perfect opportunity to cool down. He had so much fun running and laughing in the rain I had to join him! We played and giggled together, it was great having that one to one time with Joseph. As you'll see from the pictures he was drenched! Even more so after I threw a bucket of water at him!

Here is our weekend in pictures...

Fun with stickers
Stormy clouds
Family game night
Me and my little lady all ready to go out on Sunday
Enjoying a Mickey Mouse ice cream

The twins watching the peacock

"There it is!" spotting the peacock
Cooling down in the rain
After I got Joseph with a bucket of water!
Me and my boy playing in the rain!
As always I am sharing our weekend with the lovely Em at Snowing Indoors - Point + Shoot


  1. I used to LOVE Monopoly as a kid, but I always get to emotionally involved and it all ends in tears these days! I think it's awesome that you have peacocks in your local gardens. Lovely post.

    Popping over from Point+Shoot x Tin

  2. I love kids with stickers on their faces, so cute! It looks like Joseph had an awesome time with the rain, but I can't believe you threw a bucket of water on him, you meanie ;-)

    Thanks for playing along with Point + Shoot

  3. Lovely pics. Brilliant of your son outside in the rain. My toddler was playing with the paddling pool in the rain on Saturday morning, but luckily the rest of the weekend was nice where we are.

  4. Looks like you had fun in the rain! Love the photo with the stickers

  5. Aw looks like a fab weekend to me, you can tell from all the massive grins!


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