Monday, 7 July 2014

Ozeri Cardio Tech Premium Blood Pressure Monitor - Review

In the past my hubby's blood pressure has been high. Not just a little high, but worryingly high. There is a family history of high blood pressure so we were not surprised.

However another reason we were not surprised that it was high is because my hubby has "white coat syndrome". He hates going to the doctors or hospital. This in itself can raise blood pressure. Therefore we have never been 100% sure that he has actually got a problem.

So when I was offered an Ozeri Cardio Tech Premium Blood Pressure Monitor to review I thought that it would be the perfect way for us to keep an eye on his blood pressure from the comfort of our own home.

This monitor is so quick and easy to use.

You simply put on the arm cuff, plug it in, turn the machine on and press start, it is really that simple!

As it has the colour reading you do not need to have any knowledge in blood pressures, the machine lets you know!

If it is green, your blood pressure is good, if it is orange it is going up and if you get red you know you need to visit the doctors.

The LCD display is clear and not only records your blood pressure but also shows the date, time, your pulse and average readings. The machine can store up to three users measurements. Which makes this a great item that can be used for various family members. The machine is compact, easy to store and comes with a fabric case.

I am delighted to say that when we have used the machine we have only had green readings which has certainly put our minds at rest. I would definitely recommend this blood pressure monitor if you are looking to invest in one.

The Ozeri Cardio Tech Premium Blood Pressure monitor retails at £99.99, however it is available at the discounted price of £34.99 here.

Disclosure: I was sent the Ozeri Cardio Tech Premium Blood Pressure for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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