Thursday, 10 July 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow? Week 27

As the year goes on the garden is changing.

Flowers that we loved seeing during the springtime are dying off and new ones are coming into bloom.

We have been concentrating more on the front garden recently. However it is going to have a dramatic change soon. We have decided to change the front garden into a drive. As much as we love having it, a drive is going to be more practical. However we are not going to get rid of all the garden, just the lawn. Hence why we have been concentrating on the beds around the edge. We are wanting to get some shrubs established before the work starts. We already had a Rhododendron in the corner and the beautiful Hydrangea in front of the house. We have recently added a bottle brush shrub, a rose, 2 Clematis that we are going to train over the lounge window and are planning to move my mothers day Magnolia to the front. So there are a lot of exciting plans that will hopefully all become a reality!

Here is how our garden has grown this week...

The great sunflower race that we started is a one horse race.
Isabella's sunflower was the only one that survived! However
we have since planted some more so we'll see how the second
lot do.
We bought some clearance Gladioli at the weekend for the bargain
price of £2. They won't flower this year but will be beautiful next year!
A different variety of Alliums are getting ready to open 
This Clematis flower has lost it's flowers but is still looking beautiful!
This flower has a little visitor collecting nectar.
Our lovely Lupins are gradually going to seed and we are eagerly
awaiting for the pods to dry so that we can collect seeds for next year.
A Dahlia getting ready to open.
The Geraniums have now gone.
This is a plant that someone gave to the hubby. We thought
that it was a Lily but are not too sure. As it is getting ready
to flower we should know what it is soon!
One of the new Clematis at the front. This was another plant from
the clearance area!
The bottle brush shrub which has already flowered hence the bargain
price of £10, reduced from £25. No flowers this year but will flower
next year!

Our beautiful, large Hydrangea!

We planted these lavenders last year as small plugs,
this year they have really come on. They are lovely to
brush along as we walk down the path.
As always I am sharing how our garden has grown with Manneskjur - How Does Your Garden Grow



  1. Your garden is lovely, so much colour. Love all the 'bargain' buys, great, inexpensive way to add colour for next year

  2. Such happy colours , I've been thinking about this past week, I hope you are doing ok.
    We planted sunflowers yesterday atop the grave of SuperPig, one of our guinea pigs that appeared to have a heart attack yesterday. The kids are paying extra special attention to watering them so they grow.
    That's a massive hydrangea - I love the pink blooms on it, I bet you smile every time you go past it!
    Thanks ever so much for joining in again x

  3. I do love your garden it is such a hive of activity loads of flowers this week and so pretty too

  4. Your flowers are beautiful! I don't do much gardening and I always admire people who do. Hopefully someday! :)

  5. I particularly like the buds getting ready to open :-)

  6. oh wow! that dahlia is going to be a stunner! i love garden center clearance shopping too! the wait till the next year is totally worth it.

  7. Wow that is a huge sunflower! I sowed mine a little late this year and having seen yours, am not expecting great things ;) Lots of lovely plants in your garden - that hydrangea is giant too. What do you feed your plants!? lol

  8. The hydrangea is so bountiful this year. I'm so jealous!The clematis is lovely- I haven't seen one like that before.

  9. Buying bargain plants for next year is genius! They will be sturdy enough too and will give you lusher blooms! #hdygg

  10. Looking good and lovely summery pictures. Did you know that if you pick off the dead geraniums as they go over (dead-heading) it will encourage them to flower longer?

  11. You've got some really good buys there and rescued a few plants from the compost heap as well! I hope all your beautiful flowers are helping you along too.


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