Monday, 7 July 2014

Alphabet Project - H

This week I haven't taken as many pictures as normal. Therefore finding a picture for H was tricky.  

However as I was looking at the weeks pictures, I remembered that I was taking photographs in the garden and remembered one of my favourite plants that we have.

That is why I have chosen my H to be...


As always I am sharing my Alphabet Photo with PODcast - Alphabet Project


  1. They're fabulous hydrangeas, I love them. We have a couple here now bursting with colour. You can pick a photo from any time by the way - whatever you fancy. Thanks so much for linking up lovely #alphabetphoto

  2. Such a vibrant pink colour - and such clarity of each smaller flower. Love it x

  3. ooh lovely lady they are pretty and i bet it adds wonderful colour to your garden xx

  4. I love hydrangeas and the fantastic variations in colour that you get, that looks like a lovely pink x #alphabetphoto


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