Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Point and Shoot - 7th - 8th June 2014

We didn't really get up to much over the weekend. We just did what we do best, family time, kitchen time and lots of garden time on the Sunday!

On Saturday my mother in law was over so this gave me a great opportunity to enjoy some quality kitchen time without the twins running around.

Sunday we spent the day together, just the five of us. We usually go out and see my parents on Sundays but not this week and it was lovely having a quality day together. Hubby tackled the weeds in the front garden while I played with the children. I even cut them a little door way to get under the huge willow in the front. This will be their little den and should keep them busy when I do some weeding!

Here is our weekend in pictures...

My Lavender and Lemon Sandcastle Cake

Making a nettle pesto

A fun den
Watching big brother

Exploring the den

Just sitting with mummy

As always I am sharing our weekend in pictures with the lovely Em at Snowing Indoors - Point + Shoot



  1. That cake is amazing! You have some fantastic baking skills!!

    Thanks for joining in with Point + Shoot xx

  2. Great idea of recapping the week in this way, and I love the nettle pesto (we have a lot of those!). Was wondering about the castle cake mould when I saw one in the Lakeland catalogue, and love the idea of using lavender...must make it so summery, may give this a go for Boy's birthday. Thanks for the sharing the picture, makes me think it may just be manageable for me!

  3. Love the idea of recapping on the week in this way and your innovative use of nettles (we have a lot of those!). Love the sandcastle cake, saw a mould for a similar one in the Lakeland catalogue and this could just be the inspiration I am looking for!

  4. I've made nettle soup, which was lovely but never nettle pesto - was it good? Pine nuts are really expensive here in France and I don't want to waste them on something that turns out not to be tasty.


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