Thursday, 12 June 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow? - Week 23

This weekend we have focused on our abandoned front garden.

We have had so many jobs to do in the back it really had been neglected! Therefore we had enormous weeds They were getting so big we were getting quite embarrassed by it!

On Sunday the hubby tacked the weeds and has done a great job! We now have cleared flower beds ready to fill with bedding plants!

We have a willow in the front which is due a drastic trim at the end of the year. When I saw how curious the children were around it I grabs the secateurs and cut them a little door way so that they can play underneath it.

This is how our garden has grown this week...

Helping Daddy cut the grass
This is a plant that we were given. We are not too sure what
it is but think it may be a Lily.
Our mint is thriving after a harsh trim last year.
As the Elderflower is blooming I took some time harvesting flowers
and made some delicious cordial.
The children's Willow den.
We have buds coming on the Hydrangea.
The pretty purple Geraniums are starting to open.
They have been covered in pretty bees.
Next week my How Does Your Garden Grow will not be focusing on our garden. Tomorrow we are going to the Gardeners World Live show so I will be sharing our day and plenty of photographs of the displays!

As always I am sharing how our garden has grown with Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. i swear your hubby gets more buff each week, i think your keeping him busy in the garden making him all toned up. Cant wait for next weeks gardeners world, god i would love to be there with you im so dam jealous

  2. The door for the willow den is inspired!

  3. That den is so cool, my boys would love one! Looking forward to seeing pics of Gardeners World Live

  4. Awww that sounds nice> Gardeners World is like #hdygg porn. Sorry for the use of words but you are so lucky to be attending that! Im looking forward to your post about that event =) #hdygg

  5. Cool den! I'm very taken with that :)

  6. Ooo enjoy the Gardeners World Live show! I can't wait to see what it's like now you've said that :)
    Loving that willow den - are they hard to create? I really have no clue do I.... Looks like a productive weekend and glad the mint come back with avengeance - mines doing the same after I went mental with the shears on it earlier in the year!

    Thanks for joining in again - and enjoy tomorrow x

  7. I love the den!! Your garden is looking beautiful x

  8. Great den for your kids! I hope you really enjoyed Gardeners World Live and didn't get too carried away!


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