Saturday, 28 June 2014

A2 Milk - Review

When I saw the opportunity to review A2 milk I was keen to try it. But not for me. For my husband.

My husband suffers with stomach problems which are aggravated by some dairy products, particularly milk. He has never been diagnosed as lactose intolerant but steers clear of regular cows milk due to the discomfort.

So when I heard that A2 milk is a cows milk that is perfect for people like my husband I was eager to find out more.

After reading some information about A2 milk I discovered that cows milk contains two different  types of protein, A1 and A2. Cows milk originally contained only the A2 protein, however over the years A1 has become more dominant in milk. This is the protein which some people find hard to digest, hence the rise in allergies and intolerance.

A2 milk contains, as it says, the A2 protein. Therefore people who have struggled with regular milk should find that they are able to drink this milk without any discomfort.

I will admit, my husband did go into try this dubious which is understandable. I was asking him to drink cows milk. He was surprised that after he had used it for his breakfast cereal he had no discomfort at all. He was, for the first time is years, drinking and using cows milk and not feeling unwell afterwards.

The big test was the children. One morning we were low on milk but had A2 milk. So I did put it on their cereals. I got no comments back about the taste, they simply could not tell the difference between regular milk and A2 milk. I also tasted it and could tell no difference.

If you do suffer with discomfort from milk I would definitely recommend giving A2 a go and get back to enjoying the taste of cows milk.

For more information visit A2 Milk

Disclosure: I was sent some vouchers for A2 Milk for the purpose of this review. No payment was received. All views and opinions are my own and 100% honest.

Photographs courtesy of A2

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  1. I've not heard of this milk but I have been reading a lot from so many different people experiencing food allergies. From what I have been reading, the health care profession doesn't seem to do very much to support people with food allergies.


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