Friday, 9 May 2014

Word of the Week - 9th May 2014

Today's word is an easy one!

My word of the week is...

The hubby and I are enjoying some us time.
The children are staying with my parents while we have a couple of nights away in York.
Three years ago we got married in York so the city holds a lot of happy memories for us. When the hubby saw that Paul Hollywood, my baking inspiration, was holding a show in York he bought us tickets and got arranging the children with my mum.
We will miss the children as this will be the longest that we have left them, but it will be so nice to be us as a couple again.
We have even said that over the two days that we are away we are baning the internet. Hence why I am scheduling this post! My poor hubby often says that he is a bloggers widower and that I am always doing something on line. Which is true. So the internet is going for two day so wish me luck!
I cannot wait to tell everyone about our days away, I will be sharing a post on Paul Hollywood's Get Your Bake On show, a shop review and no doubt I'll have lots of foodies things to write about, there will be lots of meals out!
Have a lovely weekend!
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  1. Sounds wonderful! Hope you're having a fabulous time, and look forward to those posts about it all :) Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. Ooh defnitely a bit Jell about the Paul Hollywood show and child-free time! I definitely need some of that soon before I go mad! Hope you've had a lovely time. X #WotW

  3. \ooohhhh have fun! #wotw

  4. Enjoy your together time! #wotw


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