Friday, 23 May 2014

Word of the Week - 23rd May 2014

My word of the week this week has to be...

After having a successful couple of day with the twins I am focusing on activities.
Yesterday the weather was awful and we were stuck inside. After being spoilt with the weather and being able to play outside they were starting to go stir crazy. This led to arguments, hitting each other and a very stressed mummy!
So as I was planning to bake I got the twins involved.
I made the cake mixture and put some in their bowls. I gave them a spoon each, a silicone cake case each and let them loose. They love it! So did I, it kept them occupied and gave them something else to do.
Today, thanks to the rain, the garden and toys are wet so this morning we have been inside. I have had jobs that needed to be done and baking to be done but have left it all to play with the twins! We have done puzzles, sorted through their building blocks, played with toy food and sang. It has been lovely! There has been no tears, no tantrums and not arguments. It has been perfect!
That is why I am now on the hunt for some great activity ideas. If I am honest I am not really too sure where to start. I went to a lot of play groups with Joseph and he went to nursery when he was nearly 3. With twins it is hard finding something that they both want to do.
If anyone has any tips or pages please do share them with me!

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  1. I find some of the linkys I join hugely inspirational, full of ideas! #LetKidsBeKids #MiniCreations #Pintorials and #CountryKids are all fab :) Sounds like you've had a great week x #WotW

  2. So pleased you found a lovely activity they both enjoyed. We always love to go to the library on the bus - and that takes a good half day :-) #WotW

  3. Sounds great. I really notice how much calmer and happier my two are when I arrange activities for them, especially new ones, that tax them a little. And as you're after links, here's my Pinterest board that I pin any ideas for them that I see, and I'd definitely recommend searching over there for inspiration -
    Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  4. It's even more difficult when you have two of different ages (4 & 1) to keep happy - looking on the bright side at least your two are at the same developmental stage! The baking looks like a hit and its nice when you stop and let a few jobs go to play with them and it pays off with good behaviour and happiness all round! #WotW

  5. I give him a pen and a big piece of paper and my son will just be there drawing his socks off till theres no space. About time I will give him a whiteboard pen & he will then write on the window glass. Which he loves to do when raining cuz the water makes him happy. Nice thing is that this pen can be easily erased =) #WOTW

  6. I always love creating activities with my kids, as I agree it's difficult with twins. Every monday I post a theme for play and activities for the week with some inspiration. If you need some ideas, pop over each monday.


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