Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Point + Shoot - 3rd - 5th May 2014

After seeing the grim weather forecast during the week we were pleasantly surprised to see that the sun graced us with its presence on Saturday.

This meant that we were able to enjoy lots of time together in the garden.

The children are in their element in the garden. They enjoy having the freedom to run around and love to explore their surroundings and the great outdoors.

The hubby was able to potter about doing little jobs while I gave the children my undivided attention and spent time with all of them both together and individually.

Sunday was more of a relaxed day. I spent some time on my blog, the hubby, as usual was in the garden and the children played both inside and outside.

As this has been a long weekend I am extending my Point and Shoot post to include Monday. As regular readers will know after reading my post Not Always Easy that the twins are going through a challenging phase. We had a lunch out planned of the bank holiday Monday and both the hubby and I were anxious about how it would go.

We were so very proud that the twins were little angels! They behaved so well and this meant that we were all relaxed and appreciated out time together even more!

This is our weekend in pictures...

As always I am sharing our weekend with Snowing Indoors Point + Shoot pop over and see what else has been going on over the weekend!



  1. I bet your 3 were exhausted after that weekend, looks like you fitted in loads of activities! Thanks for linking up with Point + Shoot xx

  2. What a gorgeous set of pictures, loving the static hair one! Isn't it great when kiddies can enjoy the great outdoors, it makes for great pictures too :) x #PointandShoot www.l-platemummy.com

  3. Looks like a fun weekend - and good to hear that your bank holiday lunch went well too, lovely when a plan comes together! x


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