Sunday, 11 May 2014

Paul Hollywood - Get Your Bake On Live In York

If you are a regular reader you will know how excited I have been during the build up to seeing Paul Hollywood's Get Your Bake On show in York.

Let me tell you, Paul Hollywood certainly did not disappoint!
The description of the show was an evening of fun, stories, demos and audience participation.
When we arrived at the Barbican I was delighted with our seats. We were on row E and as their seating area is tiered we had a fantastic view, even more so when the two seats in front of us were left empty!

We were at Paul Hollywood's eye level!
As it got closer to starting my excitement built up!

I was going to see my baking inspiration. My baking journey began when I was a child but my passion had not been ignited until I received Paul Hollywood's How To Bake. From that day on I baked and baked and baked!

I had found something that I enjoyed doing and was good at doing! This ignited my passion and I have not looked back. It really became an addiction, I caught the baking bug, I wanted to try more bakes, experiment more and create my own recipes!

All of this came from that first book.
A comedian spokesman came on first to warm the audience up a bit before the man himself came on stage!
Then the moment came, it was Paul Hollywood's turn to walk on stage!

There he was, he walked on stage and I was in awe!
My baking hero was stood in front of me.
In person he just as charismatic as he comes across on the television. You can feel the passion that he has for baking as he talks about it.
He told us stories of his childhood, growing up and his travels.  It was great hearing about his journey to where he is today.
During the show he did let on that the filming had begun for this year's Great British Bake Off. He asked if anyone in the audience had applied. My hand shot up, yes I did apply, I had an interview but obviously got no further. He looked straight at me and said

"Now I've seen you, you won't be here next year!"

He saw me and spoke to me!

During the show Paul showed us 4 of his bakes, all of which are shown in the tour programme. He gave us his step by step tips to make
  • Classic Apple Pie
  • Multiseed Loaf
  • Orange and Almond Couronne
  • Black Forest Gateaux
As I was watching the master at work I was planning when I could make each bake.

The show ended with four extremely lucky members of the audience face one of Paul's challenges, unfortunately I was not lucky enough.

Despite the disappointment that I was not picked, I had an amazing night and my passion has been fuelled even more after seeing him and watching him do what he does best, baking and charming his audience!

I would love to see the show again and see what else he has to offer as I am sure that he has even more to give! I am extremely tempted to ask my mum if she would like to go to the show in Grimsby!

Paul Hollywood's Get Your Bake On Live is a treat for any bake-a-holic and seeing Paul do his thing is an honour for any baking fanatic!

Thank you Paul for sharing the evening with us!

This is Paul Hollywood's picture that he shared on
Twitter of the York audience. I am sat right in the
middle with the cream top on with my arms in the air!

Over the next few weeks I am going to bake each of the bakes that were demonstrated during the show and I will share with you how I got on and if I changed anything!

Today I am making the Classic Apple Pie but have added a couple of extras, I will let you know how I get on!


  1. I can't believe he actually spoke to you!! All 4 of those bakes sound delicious, can't wait to see some photos of your homemade Apple Pie. Glad you had an amazing night xx

  2. What an interesting idea for a show. I would never have thought of going to anything like this but it sounds like you had a great time!

  3. Wow this looked like a great night! I think Apple Pie is my all time favourite so I look forward to you sharing!

    Also how awesome actually being in his photo!

  4. it looks like you were truly inspired and in your element during this! hope your apple pie goes well :)

  5. Always lovely to actually see someone who has inspired you in real life. Hope you get to go back for a second night!

  6. yum yum love apple pie. Sounds like a brilliant night! x

  7. What a wonderful opportunity! It's great meeting someone who has inspired you, and who lives up to your expectations. Apple Pie is one of my favourite desserts, my Dad used to have a large orchard - you can't beat home grown apples.

  8. Looks like you had a fantastic evening, How inspirational

  9. Wow it sounds like you had a fantastic time made even better when he spoke to you :)!

  10. im not a big fan of cooking or baking, but glad you enjoyed the show)

  11. Love your passion! So glad you got to see (and speak to!!) the man himself. Look forward to seeing your bakes.

  12. looks like a fabulous opportunity , oooh apple pie is amazing , specially warm x

  13. I am so glad you had a wonderful time, you deserve it. It sounds fab, although I am team Berry, more than team Holywood! xx

  14. Oh bums for not getting picked! But how fab to be able to be so close to your inspiration!

  15. This sounds fab - I wish I'd known it was on as it's not too far for me x x x

  16.!!! I am very very jealous. I love Paul Hollywood and i am obsessed with GBBO! I cannot wait for the next series to air! You are a lucky lady xxxxx

  17. Wow! The silver fox spoke to you! You lucky thing x

  18. What a brilliant evening. Those cakes sound delicious and how brilliant to hear exactly how to make them. I love GBBO and can't wait for the next series!

  19. love Paul Hollywood! Glad you had a great time xxx

  20. What a great experience and it sounds like a stroke of luck that you had a view uninterrupted by other peoples' heads! Looking forward to hearing how you get on with the recipes!

  21. This looks amazing! After hearing that Paul Hollywoods claim to fame (other than sexing up the Great British Bake Off) is creating Englands most expensive loaf of bread (£14 from Harrods) I would LOVE to have seen this show. Great to live vichariously :-)
    Love Vicky

  22. I'm so jealous! I wish I was there :) But I'm glad you had a lovely time :)

  23. I love Paul Hollywood - he has a certain charisma about him. I can almost smell that black forest fave!

  24. It sounds like a brilliant night. Sorry you didn't get on GBBO but hope to see you on there next year :)

  25. It sounds like a wonderful evening.

  26. mmm sounds like a wonderful night and I love black forest gateau! x


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