Sunday, 4 May 2014

#MorrisonsMum - Our Shopping Trip

This week I was delighted to find out that I had been selected as a Morrisons Mum. I received some Morrisons vouchers to use for our bank holiday shopping.

This month Morrisons have slashed many of their prices.

These are not lower prices that are on for a limited time. They are permanent price cuts, which is great news for shoppers! Morrisons aim to be as competitive with their prices as are the reknown budget shops Aldi and Lidl. In the financial climate that we are in savings are needed to help many families who live on a tight budget. We live on a tight budget and I always have my shopping list and calculator when I do my weekly shopping.

So, would Morrisons be able to provide both budget price with great quality?

I went to discover their new prices and to see for myself.

I usually do the weekly shopping between either Tesco or Morrisons. This is mainly due to Morrisons being on the other side of town and I have found it quicker to go to Tesco. However, I am finding that it is worth travelling that bit further for the savings that Morrisons have on offer.

For any parent, parking is important. I was delighted to see that Morrisons offer many more parent and toddler parking spaces that the other supermarkets in the area.

For a twin mum it is essential that there are double trolleys and this is always a worry for me. At other supermarkets there are a limited number of double trolleys, when I say limited I mean that they have under 10 double trolleys! I was amazed to see that all of Morrisons trolleys are double trolleys. This made my shopping experience so much easier and less stressful!

When we walked into the Scunthorpe branch of Morrisons it was highly visible that they have cut their prices and I couldn't wait to see if they had cut the prices on products that I usually buy.

I have to admit that I do not usually buy our meat and vegetables from the supermarkets as I like to buy fresh from the local market. However I did find that the quality of Morrisons fruit, vegetables and meat was just as good and offered a lot more variety.

The fruit and vegetables are beautifully displayed. Along with the vegetables they also stock a wide range of fresh herbs. I was surprised to see that they stocked a lot of the more exotic fruits and vegetables. A number of which I have looked for in the past and not found when doing my shopping in other supermarkets. Many of the vegetable racks have a machine along the top that is pumping out cold air, this is to keep the vegetables fresh.

The Fishmonger section had a great choice of both fresh fish and shell fish on display. They had fish pie mix, mackerel, scallops, prawns, cod, haddock and salmon to name just a few. As well as the fresh fish on ice they also had a fridge where you could select pre-packed and priced fish. In the end I chose some salmon fillets that were rolled up with soft cheese and spinach. The staff were friendly and pleased to answer any questions regarding cooking. The fish was heat sealed in a bag and off we went to the next section on Market Street.

As I normally bake my own bread, being able to buy freshly made bread is important for the odd occasion that I need to buy some. I did buy some to try out their bakery. The bakery was open view so that customers could see that the bread and cakes were freshly made on site. Again, I was greeted with a vast variety of different breads and cakes to suit all tastes.

Next stop was the butchers. In the past, in other supermarkets, I have found that the quality and the price of meat is not as good as the local market. This is why I started to go to the local market for my meat. However, to really put Morrisons to the test, I bought my meat from the Market Street Butcher. I looked through the pre packed and priced meats but decided to go the the butchers counter. Here I was able to select the pieces of meat that I wanted. The butchers staff, like the fishmongers, were happy to help and chatted as they served me. The prices were just as good as the market prices that I normally pay. I selected a lovely lean piece of pork shoulder to make pulled pork, one of our favourite meals. I was amazed by the price cut that was on the pork shoulder. I saw a bright yellow sign stating "I'm Cheaper!". The pork shoulder was reduced from £5.49 per kg to just £2.99! I got a 1.725kg joint for just £5.16! That was cheaper than the local market and much more convenient!

All around the store, on both Morrisons own brand and other branded products, there were the eye catching yellow signs saying "I'm Cheaper" this made spotting the price reductions easy. I was a very happy customer as I found that many of my usual buys were now cheaper. Knowing that they will be staying cheaper is even better.

I can honestly say that I was very loyal to the previous supermarket that I used and never considered changing until I discovered the quality of produce that Morrisons have on offer. Along with the quality is the competitive prices and offers that they often run. Shopping at Morrisons may mean I have to travel a little further however I do feel that it is worth the journey. Not only do I save money on the products which I frequently buy but I also know that what I buy is of a top quality! I was so pleased with the meat that I bought. I will be buying my meat from Morrisons instead of the market. This is because Morrisons offer me the same quality at the same and sometimes better prices. I am able to do all of my shopping under one roof.

Morrisons have shown me that they are just as good and even better than the rival supermarkets. This is why from now on I will be saving money and going to Morrisons to do my weekly shopping!

A selection of Morrisons cereals

Morrisons drinks

Fresh meat and fish. The quality is just as good
as the local markets and the prices are as

Some great bargains are to be had
as the meats can be frozen!
One of my two fridges that are full of goodness!
I am a happy #MorrisonsMum
Tomorrow I will be sharing the bank holiday meal that we enjoyed and telling you what Morrisons ingredients I used along with the cost per servings. There will be an easy main course followed by a delicious dessert so keep an eye out for that!
Disclosure: I was sent the Morrisons vouchers for the purpose of this review post. All views and opinions are my own and 100% honest.


  1. Morrisons is definitely underrated. I have to admit I shop all over the place but mainly Ocado. However WE DO LOVE to shop at Morrisons occasionally. Maybe i'll make more of an effort now as you highlighted so well what they are great at. Also being a vegetarian and other half is a meat eater they cater really well for everyone! Plus the wine is a bargain! With you on the whole twin thing too. I don't do big shops on my own because of this exact reason. Great blog post. I want to go now! ha ha! :) x

  2. Gutted I missed this opportunity! But what a fantastic media idea, as everyone is talking about it atm

  3. Love the detail in this post and so pleased you found your experience as a Morrisons Mum a positive one. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.


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