Thursday, 22 May 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow? Week 21

Last weekend we took it easy in the garden. We had family round and we were able to sit back and appreciate all of the hard work that has been done.

With all of the sunshine that we have had the flowers are opening up all over. At last the Peony in the back garden is starting to bloom and the lupins are shooting up!

Yesterday hubby started the building work on our greenhouse. This is an exciting project which he has been planning for weeks. We have our fingers crossed for dry weather next week so that he can do some further work on it!

This is how our garden has grown this week...

A beautiful sunny weekend!

We picked up some bargain bedding plants from the clearance
section for the hanging baskets and troughs.

My hanging basket!

A hanging basket, 2 troughs and a tub planted.

Mummy's little helper!

More bargain clearance plants! 2 Tomato plants, a Chilli
Pepper plant and a Aubergine plant!

We are having a go at growing Sweetcorn, so far they
are doing really well.

The first Peony flower opening up in the
back garden.

The Lupins that we grew from seed last year.

The vegetable patch!

New, self fertile Plum, Apple and Pear trees.

The Broad Bean plants are flowering.

Unfortunately one of our Cherry Trees has been
invaded by black flies. However this has brought
a lot of Ladybirds to the garden!

Yay, we have harvested our first
Radish of the year!

The Peony is now full of beautiful flowers!

Hubby has started building our greenhouse.
The frame is now up and ready to be
concreted in.

5 rows of Potatoes are coming through.
We have another 2 planted!

The Courgettes are now outside.

As always I am sharing our garden pictures with Mammasaurus' How Does Your Garden Grow? pop over and take a look at how other bloggers gardens are growing!

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. That peony is gorgeous, so many flowers! Your lupins are looking great too, lots of leaves on ours at the moment but no flowers. I like it when the first of something is ready to harvest because it makes you really savour the taste!

  2. oh my you guys are going to LOVE having a green house i just know your going to grow loads and i think your lupins are stunning

  3. I love peonies, and yours looks gorgeous! You've loads going on out there now, all very exciting!

  4. Ooo lupin love! You are have uber-productive! Twas such a beautiful weekend wasn't it? Properly motivational weather.
    Everything looks to be growing so well and so fast - I have real garden envy right now!
    Thank you for joining in again :)

  5. wow you're growing so much lovely stuff!!! I'm interested to see how the aubergine and sweetcorn comes out especially, i fancy those myself!!! x

  6. Your garden is amazing - all your hard work is really starting to pay off now by the looks of it. I love the lupins, especially the purple ones - very vibrant!

  7. Wow, you will never have to visit the greengrocers again with all that lovely veg you're growing! Great garden :)

  8. Your garden is so garden like! Everything is so organized! I think I already said that before but I wont stop saying it again as it just is so organized. I just met Lupin and thats my current fave cuz its just so pretty and its nice that you have lots of tehm #HDYGG

  9. I am seriously impressed by your garden! A part of me really wants to be into gardening but I just can't right now with a new baby. My husband has filled ours with potatoes, radishes and herbs though. Not pretty but useful.

  10. Gorgeous! I always love seeing your garden. So much happening without the new editions. That hanging basket is great and those lupins are wonderful. Those ladybirds with lots of spots are the horrid ones that poison the normal ladybirds. Saw it happen in the garden the other day - we rescued it though :)

  11. Wow, you've got so much done! The veg patch looks awesome, such a productive space. I bet you're so excited for the greenhouse to be finished too :)


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