Thursday, 15 May 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow? Week 20

This is the life! I am sat in the garden writing this post!

After all of the rain that we have had recently everything seems to be shooting up! After being away for just two days we could really see a difference in the garden.

At last, the sunshine is out, so flowers are opening and the garden has a lovely summer fragrance to it. This weekend we are really going to be enjoying our garden as we are having a lot of family over for a BBQ. It is going to be lovely to sit back and appreciate what we have achieved so far!

Next week the building work for the hubby's greenhouse project will begin so I am sure that it will be manic.

This is how our garden has grown this week...

The Peony in the front garden is starting to bloom!

The beautiful Alliums are opening up!

We now have 4 rows of potatoes coming through!

The beans are shooting up!


Pretty Cowslips growing near the hedge.

As a few of you did say, the purple flowers are

Purple Sensation!

My herb garden is getting so large, I am going to be preserving
some cut herbs soon!

I found a toadstool in the grass, it will be gone when the hubby
cuts the grass!

Pretty Daisies which Isabella loves to pick!

The Peony in the back garden is still yet to open!

One of three Clematis flowers!

Chives flowers are almost open.

Our first Strawberries!
A pretty purple Lupin is opening in
the front garden. We are particularly
pleased with them as they were grown
from seed last year!
As always I am sharing how our garden has grown this week with Mammasaurus How Does Your Garden Grow? pop over and take a look at how other peoples gardens have grown.
Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. oh everything is looking so beautiful already and i am so glad that you will be able to enjoy it this weekend with family. that's what it's about. happy weekend!

  2. Gorgeous! Loving that peony! I saw lots of them in grandads garden at the weekend but they were all tightly closed so I reckon we have another week or two here before they come. Everythings growing so fast - it's fab!
    Blogging from the garden is bliss isn't it? Thanks for joining in again - have a top weekend :)

  3. Your garden is busy. Harvesting the herbs is one of my fvourite jobs. Always feel so calm afterwards. And how satisfying to see the lupins growing. #HDYGG

  4. Looks lovely, hope you keep that mushroom!

  5. Thank you for the shot of the allium i am now dead sure i want to grow those thanks for sharing it blooming from budding last week :)

  6. Reaping the rewards! The peony and allium are gorgeous!!! I would be interested to know how you harvest your herbs.


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