Thursday, 8 May 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow? - Week 19

After having some rain everything is coming on nicely in the garden.

The vegetables and herbs are sprouting.

We have filled another raised bed.

Flowers are starting to bloom and the hard work is starting to pay off.

The hubby has not been as busy as in previous weeks. However the plans are drawn up for the green house, the shopping list has been made and he is raring to go at the end of the month.

This is how our garden has grown this week...

The beautiful centre of the Clematis

Getting ready to open

Picking Chives

Isabella decided to pick a flower and it was one
of the 5 Alliums that we have. It is now on my
kitchen window sill in water and I am hoping
that we will still be able to enjoy its beautiful
puff ball flower!

Joseph enjoying the garden

Hubby has planted some leftover Sweet Peas that
we had at the base of the swing legs. We are hoping
that they will grow up the swing!

Bursting out, one of the Alliums

A wigwam for the Sweet Peas

Some new herbs coming through, however thanks to the twins
moving name sticks we are not sure which is which!

The Clematis enjoying the sunshine!

More flowers coming!

New growth on the Fuscia that we thought that we had lost.

Everything is growing nicely!

After the surprise frost we have covered the newly planted
Cabbages and Parsnips with some fleece.

Cabbages are doing so well!

New growth on the mint.

The Peony's in the front garden are so close
to opening up!
As always I am sharing this post with Mammasaurus How Does Your Garden Grow?

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. looks at all that sunshine! i have grass envy every time i come here. it is all looking great!

  2. Oh aliums are new for me when its in full bloom can you share it, just love your garden

  3. Your clematis is beautiful. Love the big pink flowers and it looks like you have lots of buds waiting to open. Hope you manage to figure out which herbs are which :)

  4. Ah so lovely seeing so much growing in you garden - and the kids enjoying it too. I've been watching my plant labels in the beds like a hawk - I'd be stuffed if the kids moved them! I am on nerf gun patrol for cats though after a few plants were dug up one night!

    Thanks for joining in again - loving that top clematis pic - so clear and close x

  5. Love your garden its so organized =) #HDYGG

  6. Wow, your clematis are so far ahead of mine, lovely colours #HDYGG

  7. Everything is growing nicely, especially your clematis. Toddlers and flowers are often a bad combination, when my Son was little he wanted to plant dandelion seeds!!


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