Sunday, 4 May 2014

28th April - 4th May 2014 - One Picture Everyday for One Year

This week has been great.

This week has been hard.

This week has definitely been a week of ups and downs!

The twins go from being so challenging to being so much fun. But that is all part of growing up and discovering their personalities.

This is our week in pictures...

Monday 28th April 2014

Monday was a baking day. I made a delicious Morello Cherry and Almond Cake which the twins loved. It was the first time they had tried cherries and they certainly wanted more!

Tuesday 29th April 2014
I got some great post on Tuesday! I found out that I was a Morrisons Mum! This really did make my day and I started writing our bank holiday weekend shopping list straight away. There will be a post and recipe coming soon!
Wednesday 30th April 2014
Joseph has been complaining about headaches for a little while now. When his teacher also commented on it and how he was struggling to see the white board at school I got him an appointment at the opticians for a check up. The reason he has been getting headaches is because he needs glasses! He picked two lovely pairs of glasses and he looks so grown up in them! We are collecting his glasses on Monday and I am hoping the headaches stop and that he is more enthusiastic about reading again!
Thursday 1st May 2014
Thursday morning was not a great one. The twins drove me to tears with their bickering and tantrums. It is not very often it gets to me but on Thursday it did. Then in the afternoon they melted my heart, they were playing in the garden and were running up and down holding hands. They looked so cute! They are either the best of friends or the worst of enemies. Thankfully the majority of the time they are the best of friends.
Friday 2nd May 2014
Friday was shopping day! We went to our local Morrisons to do our #MorrisonsMum shopping and I managed to come home with plenty of bags full of food! It was quite amusing walking round taking pictures, I did get quite a few funny looks! It's a good job that I can laugh them off!
Saturday 3rd May 2014

On Saturdays I tend not to blog. I like to call it my day off. We spend the day together as a family and just enjoy a quality day together. We were surprised to see that it was a beautiful day so we spent the afternoon in the garden. The hubby pottered about doing little jobs while I played with the children. They had their activity tent out and as you can see by the picture of Taylor for some reason it was full of static, hence the sticky up hair! It was a lovely day which was finished off with an evening with my mum and dad. We all enjoyed my #MorrisonsMum meal that will feature as my recipe this week!
Sunday 4th May 2014
My Silent Sunday picture.
I hope everyone has a lovely long weekend and a great week x
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  1. A lovely week X lovely photos

  2. Lovely pictures hun. Your kids are so cute. Glad Josephs eye's are all sorted out. What's a day off blogging?! ;) Thanks for linking with #TWTWC x

  3. ooohhhh dear, we probably have this coming with our twins as well, but sorry to hear that they got to you, but agree the picture of them holding hands is cute.
    The vouchers are a great boost are they not, we enjoyed spending ours. Hope the glasses help the headaches.

  4. Sorry to read that Joseph has been getting headaches. I hope the glasses help x

  5. Joseph looks very smart and grown up in his glasses and it is good news that hopefully now his headaches will go away.
    i was excitedly planning my bank holiday menu as soon as my vouchers arrived last week too.
    children are very challenging arent they - and very unpredictable with their mood swimgs too. i hope this weeks is more up then down x x

  6. The glasses look great, hope that's the end of the headaches

  7. Love the photo of the twins running up and down holding hands, so damn cute.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365, the new linky is now live.


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