Friday, 11 April 2014

Word of the Week

This week my word of the week has to sadly be...


On Sunday, I was enjoying using some new, razor sharp, Magic Knives (yes that really is their name!) that the hubby let me get at the fantastic Cake and Bake Show.

I am obviously not used to having knives which are so sharp and go through food so easily and I'm not too sure how, but I cut my finger!

I am accident prone in the kitchen, I am forever getting burns or little cuts but nothing major, that is until Sunday!

I was cutting a bit of bread for Joseph and before I knew what was happening the knife glided through the bread and deeply into my finger!

Sorry if you're squeamish!

After 20 minutes my finger was still pouring with blood but I managed to dress it hoping that come the morning it would be ok.

But it wasn't so I had a trip to the doctors who have put steri strips on and dressed it. The awful part is it needs to be dry for at least 4 days or until it closes. For me this is a nightmare, I cannot bake bread and am struggling to do most things in the kitchen. I am having to peel potatoes with marigolds on! Not a good look!

I did have look at my finger today and it is not quite closed yet, so on I go. Roll on when I can get baking again!

Hope you have a good week!

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  1. Nasty! I hope your finger is better now. #WotW xxx

  2. Yiped. Reading this i felt the knife go through your fingers. Glad its okay now and yes it sucks when you cant do things you want cuz of an injury. Stay safe! #wotw

  3. Ouch! I'm quite accident prone in the kitchen too and did a similar thing a few years back with some sharp knives and a butternut squash. I hope you are on the mend now and that you can get back to baking soon. #WotW


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