Monday, 21 April 2014

Weekly Meal Plan - Week Commencing 21st April 2014

Last weeks meal plan didn't go as well as usual.

Only two meals were actually cooked as planned. We did enjoy the pulled pork and spaghetti carbonara which was featured as my Cheap Budget Meal Recipe

Hubby took some time of work which has meant we have had some days out and had a real naughty food day! We have enjoyed MacDonald's and a night of pizza! We do not do this very often and I cannot remember the last time we did so for once I really do not mind and the children loved it. But next week we will be back to our home cooked, healthy dinners again!

Unfortunately the weather hasn't been as warm as we had hoped so we have not had a BBQ as planned. However today is looking more hopeful so we are planning to BBQ. If it cools off we wijust eat inside.

We didn't have a curry, again! So this week we will be having one!

This week I will only be planning four meals. This is because I will be attending BlogCamp *woo hoo!* on Saturday so we are staying at my mother in law's Friday and Saturday night.

This is what we will be enjoying this week...

Week Commencing 21st April 2014


Whether we eat inside or outside will depend on how warm it is but I am determined that we will be enjoying a BBQ this Easter weekend!

Chicken Curry

I will be making my sweet homemade curry this week. I have been promising the hubby a curry for a few weeks now so this week I will make sure it gets made!

Vegetable Cottage Pie

This is going to be our no meat meal of the week. I will be cooking mainly root vegetables with some broccoli and cauliflower in a cheese sauce topped with creamy mashed potatoes and cheese.

Chutney and Cheesy Pork Steaks

This is another meal which we all love but haven't had in a long time! When I went to the market the other day I got some pork steaks and immediately knew what I would do with them. I grill the pork steaks and top with onions, mango chutney and mature cheddar cheese.

If you are going on Saturday I hope to see you there. Have a great week x

As usual I am sharing my weekly meal plan with At Home With Mrs M's Meal Planning Monday 

Meal Planning Monday


  1. Mmmm the vegetable cottage pie sounds good! might have to steal this idea for myself, partner and son. love the blog xx

  2. Can I come to yours! Pretty pretty please?! I haven't had a BBQ in ages, and I never know what to put on there x

  3. Yum! What a great week you have planned! Everything sounds delicious! :)

  4. I really should try meal planning. It might make me stay better on track when I go grocery shopping, instead of just throwing whatever looks good in my cart. :)

  5. I think I need to come for dinner, yum. One day I will be this organised xx

  6. Ohh the pork steaks sound interesting. Mich x

  7. The chutney and cheese pork steaks sound yummy! Might have to try those out here one night! x

  8. I do love reading about meal planning, we have 3 staples a week so are always in need of a bit of variety to mix it up. I love the sound of your veggie cottage pie!

  9. We tried to have a BBQ last week too and ended up eating it indoors! Your veggie cottage pie sounds yummy ;-)

  10. Like the sound of your chutney and cheesy pork steaks. I always grill pork chops and I have put mango chutney on before but never tried the onions or cheese so I'll definitely have to give that a go.

  11. I really need to start this again. I will, next week!

  12. Love the idea of a vegetable cottage pie! Lovely blog.

  13. Hope you got your BBQ weather, we've had a couple of much cooler days here. Veggie cottage pie sounds really tasty.

  14. I really must get around to making and posting my vegetarian cottage pie! Looks like a good variety of meals - I've been a bit wedded to Italian recently.


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