Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Point + Shoot - Easter Weekend 18th - 21st April 2014

As we have just had a long weekend I thought I'd make this week's Point + Shoot about Good Friday to Bank Holiday Monday.

We have had such a lovely time together and have really made the most of the time we have had together as a family.

Here is our Easter weekend in pictures...

Joseph and I enjoyed some time together making
an edible Easter basket/nest for our
Center Parcs entry

The finished basket/nest

The twins couldn't wait to take a look!

A very proud Joseph!

We enjoyed a minted lamb dinner

Isabella got her first hair clip!

Taylor discovered a gap between the conifers
and the fence so now he can sneak into the
vegetable garden!

Joseph and Isabella had some colouring fun

Isabella's pretty picture

Taylor had some snuggles to sleep

As Sunday was a cold and windy day we put off doing the
children's Easter egg hunt until Monday. Thankfully it was
a glorious day! So when the twins were napping the hubby
and I went into the garden and hid plastics eggs filled with
chocolate treats around the garden.

We hid pink eggs for Isabella, blue eggs for Taylor
and green eggs for Joseph

To make it a bit harder for Joseph we hid his eggs
and gave him clues to follow to find the eggs.

"Got one!"

For the twins birthday we got them a play tent
and tunnel. As it was a lovely day we put it up
for them and they loved it!

We have had such a lovely weekend and have enjoyed so much quality family time together.
I am sharing our weekend in pictures Point + Shoot post with Snowing Indoors Point + Shoot pop over and see what others have been up to!



  1. What a great post! Looks like a fab time was had by all! Your photos are lovely! :)

  2. They are great pictures. I am still very impressed with the Easter basket.

  3. Lovely pics, they seem to have had tons of fun!

  4. Sounds like a lovely Easter :) Great photos! Although we have girl/boy twins I'm trying to fight the media's constant need to genderise everything so we don't do the pink and blue very often. It's so hard to avoid though!

  5. The Easter egg hunt looks like such good fun, bless them! I also like the look of the minted lamb dinner! yum xx

  6. What a wonderful fun and interactive weekend you have had with the kids.

  7. A perfect family Easter. We didn't get to do an egg hunt but we had a giggle at my parent's neighbours doing one (not a child amongst them)

  8. It looks like you have had a brilliant Easter weekend enjoying the sunshine and some family time.

  9. Love photographs like these ~ very natural and fun.

  10. What lovely pictures. The Easter weekend is such a great time to bring families together isn't it? Ours enjoyed an Easter Egg hunt too...and it's always nice to have the chocolate to munch on once they've gone to bed - or is that just me?! ;)

  11. great photos, looks like you had a fun easter x

  12. Looks like a super lovely weekend. x

  13. Looks like great photos for a great weekend.
    Loved the "I'm just like daddy" t-shirt ;)

  14. What some great pictures, it looks like you had an amazing weekend :) x

  15. It looks like you had a lovely weekend

  16. It certainly looks like you made the most of the beautiful sunshine. Great pictures :)

  17. Happy photos and my what great looking nest!

  18. I love how proud Joseph looks, rightly so too! Looks like an awesome weekend

    Thanks for joining in with Point + Shoot xx

  19. Such lovely pictures. Joseph looks over the moon with his Easter nest (and rightly so) x

  20. Lovely photos and you've had a great weekend!

  21. aww lovely pics, what a wonderful Easter you had! x

  22. Awww glad you had a lovely weekend. The weather looked great...ours was a bit wet and rubbish but it didn't stop the Easter egg hunt fun!


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