Thursday, 17 April 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow? Week 16 and Normanby Hall

This week we have seen a lot of progress down in the vegetable area of our garden. My hubby has been extremely busy building raised beds. He amazingly got 5 build last Sunday.

We are now in the process of filling them with compost! Believe me, they take a lot of filling! Thankfully we have got 3 compost areas which he built out of old pallets so we have got some of our own compost to mix in with some shop bought. This has no doubt saved us a lot of money. We try to be as environmentally friendly as we can and one of the reasons that we need 3 compost areas is for all of our vegetable waste, not forgetting all of the chickens waste and the grass cuttings! We originally had just the one, which quickly became two, then three!

In this weeks post I am including some pictures from one of our favourite places to visit, Normanby Hall. We always buy a years pass and enjoy many trip out. It has some beautiful grounds and we love seeing all of the changes throughout he year. The kids always enjoy going too, so on our wedding anniversary, yesterday, we decided we'd go and renew our card and have a walk and see the signs of spring!

This is how our garden has grown this week and our day out...

On Sunday the hubby started building the raised beds
down in the vegetable part of the garden

When we go shopping we always check out the clearance
section for any bargains. Over the weekend we bought
2 rhubarb plants for £1 each and the pretty purple flowers

Work in progress, by Sunday lunch time hubby
had built 3 raised beds!

Hard at work on the 4th bed

The beautiful blossom on one of our cherry trees

The built beds, all built in a day!
At last, our tulips have opened!

Normanby Hall and Gardens near Scunthorpe

I've always loved these bizarre looking trees

These flowers were covered in ladybirds

Some fallen blossom. Isabella picked it up and
carried it round with her until she got fed up with
it and gently placed it back down on the ground!

Tree climbing fun for Joseph
Some rather exotic looking plants that we have
never seen there before, we do not know what
they could be but they were a beautiful bright
yellow and green!

A huge tree had come down at some point, its
root system was massive.

I am sharing this post with Mammasaurus How Does Your Garden Grow? pop over and check out some beautiful pictures from RHS Wisley and how other bloggers gardens have grown this week!

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. Everything is so pretty! I especially love that ladybird laden flower! Its so unique, havent seen that before. thanks for sharing such pretty photos #HDYGG

  2. oh your hubby is amazing do you rent him out?? i hope you like rhubarb as they grow Massive your garden is so wonderful. i love your walk about shots those tree really are unusual

  3. Your cherry tree looks beautiful, and your garden sounds like it's really useful and functional, with all of those beds and composting. I love those fritillaria you picked up for a bargain, and I got some this week, too, just the same! And that hall's garden looks stunning, I see why you keep going back x

  4. sounds like you are doing things just right. and 5 beds? wow!!! you will not need to buy produce for quite some time. but i guess that's the plan right? awesome!

  5. Your garden is coming on a treat

  6. Ooo Now that looks like a nice place to visit - and bless her for setting the blossom back down so gently. I saw a tree like those bizarre ones yesterday at Whipsnade Zoo - but just the one - a row of them looks much more effective - I wish I knew what they were.
    Fab amounts of work in your own garden too, filling those raised beds isn't easy - as I am discovering all too well myself right now!
    Thanks for joining in again - hope you've enjoyed this lovely weeks weather, seems rain is coming (booo!)
    Happy Anniversary for yesterday x

  7. Great progress being made on your garden...its hard work but so worth it! #hdygg

  8. wow! such awesome raised beds and i love your big chicken coop! i love to check the clearance aisle at the plant store too!


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